Katee Sackhoff Has A Response BSG Fans Can Relate To After Long Day With Her Husband And Baby

Katee Sackhoff as Starbuck
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Battlestar Galactica icon Katee Sackhoff, through her latest baby update, basically proved that she is every mom ever. The Mandalorian actress had a baby girl with her husband this past December and is now sharing the very real struggles that people face when putting their little ones to sleep. While parents can certainly relate to the situation, Sackhoff didn't leave out fans of her classic sci-fi show, as she also snuck in another A+ BSG reference!

Having a new baby can be pretty rough, especially when they aren’t sleeping. An overtired infant mixed with a sleep-deprived parent is usually no good. Luckily, Katee Sackhoff and hubby Robin Gadsby appear to be a great team, even when put in a stressful situation like being on a plane with a baby.

In a recent Instagram story, the actress shared a photo of her husband napping while she holds the sleeping baby on board an airplane. The Star Wars alum looks reasonably tired, but content, as she explains that she and her spouse had taken turns trying to put the baby to sleep for hours! Check it out for yourself in the photo below:

Katee Sackhoff holding her infant daughter

(Image credit: Katee Sackhoff)

Many will probably be reminded of their own parenting journeys when they see Katee Sackhoff’s photo, yet those who are Battlestar Galactica fans will probably be drawn to the not-so-subtle Easter egg! Sackhoff is a pro at using the term “frack,” which is a throwback to her BSG days of playing the role of Captain Starbuck on the iconic sci-fi series. I'd say that the sleep deprivation she was certainly feeling at the time this photo was taken was the perfect occasion for the expletive.

The term “frack” was introduced in the OG Battlestar Galactica series and essentially serves as a replacement for the word “fuck” in the fictional universe. While it is a great way for characters to express themselves, it’s also a pretty ingenious way for writers to get around that pesky f-bomb allowance (or lack thereof) instituted by some networks. 

I’d imagine that “frack” is a pretty common thing that comes out of Katee Sackhoff’s mouth now that she's a working mom. Her baby is only around 6 months old, and Sackhoff has still kept pretty busy professionally while fulfilling her duties as a parent. Though she has been the target of some criticism for her “privileged” working parent posts, I’d say that the challenges she's facing are pretty comprehensive of the working-parent experience. It’s not easy, but she appears to be fracking good at it.

If you're like Katee Sackhoff and have a hectic and sleepless schedule as a parent, might I suggest binging streaming episodes of Battlestar Galactica with Peacock Premium during your downtime? Sackhoff fans can also look forward to seeing her reprise the role of Bo-Katan Kryze when the third season of The Mandalorian (streamable with a Disney+ subscription) arrives in 2023.

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