Katee Sackhoff Shares Sweet Tribute To Her Husband With A Post BSG Fans Will Likely Love

To many, Katee Sackhoff is known as the skilled actor who’s helped bring some iconic characters to life on screen. But in recent years, she’s also taken on two additional roles: wife and mother. Sackhoff seems to be mostly relishing her new titles and what comes with them, based on the lovely social media posts she’s shared over the past few months. Her most recent one may be the sweetest, though, as she uses it to pay tribute to her husband, Robin Gadsby. And if that weren’t enough, the post includes some sweet tidbits that are sure to make Battlestar Galactica fans happy. 

In celebration of her husband’s birthday, Katee Sackhoff dropped a precious photo of him on her Instagram. The image shows him cradling their young daughter while their two dogs chill alongside them. In her caption, the actress lauded her husband as a partner and cheekily coined a term from Battlestar Galactica while pondering how she was able to land her beau:

I’m a day late on this post but only because I was lovin on him so much on the actual day! @robin_gadsby Seriously though, how the Frak did I get so lucky!? He’s literally my better half and the reason I know I must’ve done something right in this life to deserve someone so damn amazing!!

Fans surely caught the pitch-perfect use of the word “frak” in there. Longtime devotees likely know how deeply embedded the word is within the history of the science fiction franchise. The term, which was first introduced in the original ‘70s iteration of BSG is a word that doubles for the almighty f-bomb. It’s been used quite frequently over the years, and Katee Sackhoff’s Starbuck certainly used it on more than one occasion. Many fans would probably agree with me, though, when I say that this may be Sackhoff’s best use of the faux expletive yet!

And if that weren’t enough, the post was also injected with some more Battlestar Galactica love, as the actress tagged fellow co-star Tricia Helfer. The star’s name was invoked when the Mandalorian alum was joking about how her husband is a Canada native like Helfer. Well, Helfer spotted the post and responded with an on-brand message of her own, saying, “As Sian said, You’re welcome! And happy birthday”. You can see the original post down below:

These intergalactic ties have definitely remained strong in the years since the modern iteration of BSG finished its run. While this is nice to see, it’s also great to see that stars like Katee Sackhoff have had big things happen in their personal lives since the show went off the air. She and Robin Gadsby made the walk down the aisle in October 2021 in what appeared to be a beautiful ceremony. And if that wasn’t enough of a surprise, by December, Sackhoff revealed that she’d given birth to their child, whom they also spent New Year’s with

Since then, the star has been candid about getting back to work while maintaining her maternal duties. The star has voiced some of the challenges she has faced, though some of the messages have garnered backlash. Though after one troll accused her of exuding “privilege,” she clapped back with some honest thoughts of her own.. 

While things may not be so easy for her right now, Katee Sackhoff’s post would seem to indicate that her husband is supporting her every step of the way. And that kind of synergy is something that anyone, Battlestar Galactica fan or not, can truly appreciate.

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