Kathy Hilton Provides Update On Potential Return To Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

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Kathy Hilton, mother to Paris and Nicky Hilton, finally completed the family tradition of becoming a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member last season. Her sister, Kyle Richards, has in fact been a headliner since the show’s inception in 2010. Likewise, their sister, Kim, has made some dramatic appearances over the years. Yet it was Hilton who actually became the fastest fan-favorite for her hilariously quirky behavior. She’s curiously been missing from filming for Season 12 but, now, the matriarch has an update about a potential return.

It was suggested a few weeks ago that her absence was because she was holding out on signing her contract with Bravo. Supposedly, she was looking to get a slightly bigger paycheck in exchange for the high fan demand for her appearances on Beverly Hills. Hilton isn’t exactly hurting for income, though, like her co-star Erika Jayne shared at the last reunion. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the third sister to the franchise only revealed that there’s a chance we’ll see her on the show again, saying:

I just got back so we're trying to work things out…You know, it all depends on ... right? ... whatever is meant to be will be.

To be fair, Kathy Hilton has been pretty busy of late while the rest of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast has been filming. She, in fact, helped plan the big blowout wedding of her daughter Paris Hilton to entrepreneur Carter Reum last month. A lot of famous faces were in attendance, including their longtime friend Kim Kardashian. And the entire week-long event, along with the lead up to the big day, was filmed for the Paris in Love series, which Kathy made several appearances on.

Paris Hilton’s mom shared to the outlet that her new son-in-law is “the one” and that the couple “really complement each other.” But it’s her statement about returning to the RHBH that is just as unusual and cryptic as fans would expect from her. In Season 11, she famously left unfathomable sentences hanging in the air with absolute zero clarity. The same method seems to be used here – I mean, what does it all depend on, Kathy? Money? Privacy?

The rest of the cast don’t seem to vex themselves too much about those factors. Erika Jayne is continuing to film about her ongoing legal troubles with ex Tom Girardi, despite receiving an intense backlash for her comments in the last season. Heck, even Dorit Kemsley picked up filming not long after facing a full-blown, real-life home invasion by herself.

Which is all to say why Kathy Hilton needs a sophomore return. The storylines for Season 12 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will probably be pretty heavy – and will be even more so without Hilton’s plug-in travel fan and her 1970s idiosyncrasies to lighten the mood.

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