Kim Kardashian Revealed The SNL-Related Gift Pete Davidson Got Her And It's Super Sweet

Photo of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian playing Aladdin and Jasmine on SNL.
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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s public meet-cute began – of all places – in an NBC studio on a magic carpet ride. Kim was making her debut as a guest host on SNL, and while the two met while doing rehearsals for the big episode, Kardashian and Davidson made headlines when they kissed, live from New York. Now, months later, Kim has revealed the SNL gift her new beau gave her and it’s both parts corny and super sweet. 

While most dates are out there giving flowers and candies for Valentine’s Day, Davidson went well above and beyond that just a few months after he and Kim Kardashian began publicly dating in November of last year. He actually got Kim K. the rug they shared their first moment on during the episode of Saturday Night Live. And just to go even more over the top, Kim Kardashian revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live that Pete also got her the outfits and the itty bitty genie lamp. She said: 

Actually, for Valentine’s Day he got me the rug and the whole outfits and the little genie lamp, yeah. The whole outfits. So I do own the rug.

Jimmy Kimmel paused before noting, “Oh wow, he is thoughtful,” when Kim Kardashian made her admission as part of a longer interview for The Kardashians upcoming Hulu series. It definitely comes off like a super sweet, thoughtful gift that Pete Davidson would have had to plan in advance. Plus, he probably had to do a lot of coordination to get the props and then set them up for Kim. 

Still, simultaneously, I now feel I have to know exactly what Kim Kardashian is doing with those SNL props. Where are those costumes and that rug now? Is she keeping them out somewhere? Are they sitting in the back of the closet? Do the kids play with the SNL lamp prop like it’s a toy? 

It's the type of setup scene that I'm sure was super adorable in the moment, but then I just want to know what happened five minutes after he gifted her the Saturday Night Live stuff. It's also interesting that Kardashian is bringing this up now, a few weeks after Pete Davidson himself admitted he had "big" plans for Valentine's Day, calling it "a Super Bowl for the ladies." He did warn us he had a grand gesture planned.

Of course, if you haven’t seen the SNL sketch that started it all, give it a whirl, below. 

To be fair, Jimmy Kimmel also admits that Pete Davidson is big on gestures like flowers too. He notes The King of Staten Island star also got Kardashian a huge bouquet of flowers before her Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance this week, as well. 

We had to carry in a huge bouquet of flowers that Pete sent here for you. Does that make the other [Kardashian] boyfriends look bad?

Kendall Jenner admitted she hadn't even known about the flowers before Kimmel brought them up. One thing seems clear from this whole exchange though: Pete Davidson is big on the thoughtful, extravagant gifts. There are certainly worst qualities for a partner to have, particularly given Kim Kardashian seems to be pretty serious about her new guy. 

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