Lizzo Is ‘100% That Grinch’ This Christmas Season In Viral TikTok Post

Lizzo on stage in Lizzo's Watch Out for the Big Grrrls
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The holidays are a time for celebration, and whether you’re someone scouring the television for all the best Christmas movies or you just like to dress up and look festive, you’re doing your part to keep the holidays fun (and hopefully a little off-kilter). Lizzo is one celebrity who is absolutely killing it in the latter category, as she took to the internet sporting a look that, in her words, proved she’s “100% that Grinch.” 

Move over Jim Carrey and Benedict Cumberbatch because the mean and green queen has come to claim her crown. Lizzo posted a video on TikTok decked out in all green with some gold chains strapped to her body. Check out the video below, which shows Lizzo in some very Grinch-y attire.


The search bar on my last post is wild 😏🤰🏼

♬ MRS. GRINCH - Shelby Swain

Listen, I’m not sure Lizzo is a shoo-in for the most accurate looking depiction of the Grinch, but c’mon, no previous Grinch is going to be able to twerk with such proficiency. OK, so maybe it’s more accurate to say the look is “Grinch-inspired” since Lizzo is mainly just rocking the color scheme here, and crushing it, I might add. 

Lizzo shared an alternate look at the outfit on her Instagram. Take a look at the video below, which she captioned with “100% that Grinch," perfect in so many ways.

For the record, the song Lizzo is dancing to is not her own, but a song called “Mrs. Grinch” by Shelby Swain. Swain, who is also a celebrity hairstylist who worked on Lizzo’s hair seen in the videos above, popped up in the comments to show some love for the “About Damn Time” singer: 


For those wondering why Lizzo is all green for the holiday season, this is one of the outfits she wore recently for the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden. During the holiday-themed event, Lizzo first took to the stage as Mrs. Claus, someone more closely associated with heartwarming Christmas movies and good holiday vibes. Lizzo then made the grand reveal of her Grinch costume, which she hid behind her red overcoat: 

That’s quite a look, and it’s a shame there are only so many weeks left in the holiday season! I’m down with seeing Lizzo do a full Grinch World Tour, but alas, Christmas only comes once a year. Plus, it’s not like she doesn’t have many other awesome ideas for her shows, some of which may or may not revolve around Chris Evans. Perhaps it’s best to just let Lizzo work with whatever the vibes are, depending on the situation, even if she makes a really cool Grinch. 

Those with an HBO Max subscription can stream Love, Lizzo right now and absolutely should. Those who do will learn about her humble beginnings and some of the struggles she went through on her journey to becoming a superstar. 

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