NBC's One Chicago: Where We Left Off On Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., And Chicago Med

Chicago Fire's Stella Kidd, Chicago P.D.'s Jay Halstead, Chicago Med's Ethan Choi
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The three shows of One Chicago are just days away from returning for the 2022 TV premiere season, and NBC is keeping them blocked together in their usual time slots for Chicago Wednesdays. Not all of the finales ended on intense cliffhangers, as Chicago Fire closed on the implication of violence, Med ended with some major characters’ lives in very real jeopardy, and P.D. ended after a case went from bad to worse and ended in a death. A lot happened in One Chicago back in May, so let’s take a look at what to remember from where we left off with Fire, P.D., and Med

Chicago Fire is the longest-running of the three shows with more than 200 episodes already aired, so let’s start there!

Chicago Fire Stella Severide Stellaride wedding

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What To Remember From Chicago Fire Season 10

Stella was promoted and Stellaride got married. After their wedding was threatened by everything ranging from Severide being attacked (and his attacker being knocked out of a window to his death) to their venue being double-booked, Stella and Severide did eventually tie the knot. Casey came back for the nuptials, and it was a happy and heartwarming way to end a season that had seen a lot of ups and downs… except for the pesky cliffhanger. At least Stella is now the officer on Truck 81 after passing the lieutenant exam!

Their wedding night probably won’t go well. Stella and Severide went off to spend their wedding night in a secluded cabin, which seemed like a good idea considering how often catastrophes requiring their skills happen in Chicago. Unfortunately, a dark pickup truck pulled up unbeknownst to either of them. It seems that Severide may still have a price to pay from some very bad people for his actions in the penultimate episode.

Brett is back, but Casey is not. Brett and Casey returned to Chicago from Portland for the Stellaride wedding. It was the first time Casey had appeared since his departure early in Season 10, and Brett’s first since she decided that she needed to spend more time with the man she loved. The return made Brett realize that her life is tethered to Chicago, and she couldn’t move to Portland, even for Casey. They didn’t make it 100% clear if this was a breakup, but it seems that this was the end of Brettsey. 

Emma is gone, but Violet may have eyes for Gallo. Violet was in hot water in the second half of Season 10 when Emma (Brett's replacement) found out about her relationship with Chief Hawkins and decided to blackmail to try and get her permanent spot at Firehouse 51. Although Emma was ousted after she abandoned her partner on a dangerous call, Violet was left feeling like Hawkins could have done more to help her... as she confided in none other than Gallo.

Key point to remember for Season 11:

  • Chicago Fire was one of four shows that received a huge renewal back in 2020 to guarantee three more seasons, but the upcoming Season 11 is that last of those three. The show has not been renewed for Season 12 yet. 

Jason Beghe Voight Chicago PD

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What To Remember From Chicago P.D. Season 9

Anna died. Carmela Zumbado recurred in Season 9 as Anna Avalos, who became Voight’s C.I. They formed a strong connection and she got “under his skin,” according to showrunner Gwen Sigan, which drove a lot of his decisions in the last two episodes. After spiraling and shooting Voight, Anna was killed by Upton when she and Halstead arrived on the scene in the finale. 

The finale was a disaster for Voight. When Anna snapped and stopped trusting Voight after he hid important information, he tried to get through to her and save her, even willing to repeat past mistakes. The unit was doubting him (particularly Upstead), and Intelligence was very lucky that Upton wasn’t seriously injured in the truck explosion. After following his instincts, he ended up shot and Anna was dead. There was no major finale cliffhanger other than that Voight did not end Season 9 in a good place

Upton and Halstead are married and solid. Season 9 kicked off with Halstead not entirely sure what to make of Upton’s sudden proposal, and the future was pretty uncertain for a time after he figured out the secret that she was hiding from him about shooting Roy Walton. After Halstead found a way to get the FBI to give up the investigation into Upton, they eloped. They’ve been married ever since, and seemingly pretty happily.

Burgess and Ruzek are building a life with Makayla. Burgess and Ruzek built a surprisingly functional little family unit with Makayla, co-parenting comfortably… until Makayla was kidnapped, and things were said between them that couldn’t really be unsaid. Things got better once they got her back, and Ruzek decided that he wanted to buy his dad’s house for Burgess and Makayla, so that Makayla could have a home and happy place to grow up. The future was looking as bright as any future can look on a show like Chicago P.D.

Key points to remember for Season 10:

Chicago Med Season 7 Archer and Ethan

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What To Remember From Chicago Med Season 7

Will and Dylan’s lives are in danger. Chicago Med ended Season 7 with multiple characters stuck in a burning apartment building with no Firehouse 51 heroes to be seen. Will and Dylan were hiding undercover cop Jo in Will’s building, but somebody found out where she was and showed up to kill her. While Dylan shot him before he could take out Jo, the episode ended with the two doctors trying to carry the man to safety, but both stairwells were engulfed in flames. Plus, even though Jo seemed to have escaped the fire, she was also seemingly shot. 

Ethan gave up his role of ED Chief to Archer. Although Brian Tee was absent for a large chunk of Season 7 while Ethan recovered from being shot at the end of Season 6, he came back with some different priorities. He decided to give up his position as ED Chief, and made it official that Archer would take that top job. Ethan came to terms with the secrets that his father kept from him, and Archer reached out to his estranged son.  

Stevie is gone. Kristen Hager joined Chicago Med as a new series regular for Season 7, and Stevie even came with a history with Will. Before even a full season, however, Steve received closure on her biggest storyline with her mom and then moved back to Michigan to reconcile with her ex. 

Hannah is back. Chicago Med didn’t just leave a vacancy in the ED after Stevie’s departure, but instead brought back Dr. Hannah Asher, who’d left Chicago at the beginning of Season 6 still struggling with her drug addiction. When she returned in Season 7, she was two years sober and ready to lead an emergency OB/GYN service at the hospital. By the end of the season, she and Will seemed ready to rekindle their romance, although “kindling” was the last thing that Will needed in the fiery cliffhanger! 

Key points to remember for Season 8:

  • Chicago Med has added two new characters. 9-1-1’s Sasha Roiz will play Jack Egan, a millionaire with some wide interests. Lilah Richcreek Estrada of The Wonder Years will play a new psychology fellow working with Dr. Charles.
  • Marlyne Barrett signed a new multi-year deal that will keep her at Chicago Med for Season 8 and beyond, so fans won’t lose Nurse Maggie any time soon.
  • Like Fire and P.D., Med has reached the end of its three-season renewal and is not guaranteed a Season 9. 

The three shows of One Chicago return to NBC on Wednesday, September 21 starting at 8 p.m. ET with Chicago Med Season 8, continuing at 9 p.m. with Chicago Fire Season 11, and finishing with Chicago P.D. Season 10 at 10 p.m. If you want to revisit the previous season finales ahead of time, you can find them streaming with a Peacock subscription.

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