New Report From Kyle Chrisley's Assault Arrest Include Stabbing Threats And Injury Details

Kyle Chrisley on Chrisley Knows Best
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Months after Todd and Julie Chrisley began their prison sentences for bank fraud and more, their family is facing yet another legal situation. Todd’s oldest son, Kyle, was arrested on Tuesday for aggravated assault in Tennessee. He was eventually released after posting the $3,000 bond. At the time, it was alleged that Kyle was booked by authorities after getting into a physical altercation with his boss and brandishing a “fixed blade.” Now, a new report has provided further information, including stabbing threats and injury details. 

Kyle Chrisley was reportedly prepared to stab his boss with a knife ahead of his arrest earlier this week. This info comes from the arrest warrant, which was obtained by TMZ. Per the Smyrna Police Department officer’s report, Chrisley’s employer alleged that he made a death threat while he was doing him harm. It doesn’t appear that the man, who has since been identified as Deven Campbell, was hurt by the knife. However, he reportedly suffered other injuries. 

The report from the authorities also alleges that Deven Campell had bruises and lacerations on his head, hand and neck following the scuffle. Those wounds were enough to justify the police getting a warrant for the reality TV vet’s arrest. It’s unclear as to whether or not Campbell received medical attention in the aftermath. The police's account also doesn’t provide clarity in regard to what actually started the fight.

The son of Todd Chrisley and his ex-wife Teresa Terry, Kyle has experienced a number of issues over the years. The 32-year-old appeared on the first season of Chrisley Knows Best in 2014 but left the show shortly after due to his struggles with addiction. By 2019, he managed to achieve sobriety and re-appeared on the show during its eighth season. Kyle and Todd have had their share of ups and downs and, as TMZ notes, the younger Chrisley once accused his father of using him to drum up ratings. The latest reports, however, indicate that the two have buried the hatchet. 

More on the Chrisleys' Legal Problems

Kyle Chrisley has still inadvertently caused a few headaches for his parents as of late. In November 2022, ex-wife Alexus Whilby claimed that her former father-in-law pressured her to lie about the family’s finances while under oath. And in December of that year, Angela Johnson – the mother of Kyle’s 10-year-old daughter, Chloe – sought to initiate a custody battle. Kyle lost custody in 2016 due to his addiction, with Johnson splitting custody with Todd until she was arrested that same year. As of right now, Chloe is in the care of her aunt, Savannah Chrisley, amid her grandparents’ incarceration. 

Speaking of that situation, Todd Chrisley is currently serving 12 years, while Julie has a seven-year sentence. Both will also do 16 months of probation each after their jail time. Before they surrendered themselves, they received support from the Chrisley kids, including Kyle. The couple is currently looking to appeal their case this month.

As of this writing, Kylie Chrisley has yet to publicly address his arrest for aggravated assault. Only time will tell what kind of further ramifications might result from the altercation. 

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