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Nick Cannon Opens Up About His Biggest Insecurity In The Bedroom

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It’s no secret that a lot of women have insecurities about many different aspects of their bodies, and those can frequently be exacerbated when one is trying to enjoy some sexy naked time. But, something that isn’t talked about quite as much is how men often have similar issues. Now, though, Nick Cannon has opened up about his biggest insecurity in the bedroom, and it might surprise some people to know that he, too, worries about how he looks.

Why Is Nick Cannon Insecure In The Bedroom?

Nick Cannon has been having regular chats on The Nick Cannon Show with his Man Panel, where they answer audience questions that could use a man’s perspective. And, while Cannon is far from someone that most fans would see as capable of having much in the way of insecurities (the man rocked a turban for years, you guys), he got vulnerable and revealed that even he is usually concerned about the way he looks when it comes time to get naked in front of a partner. As Cannon said:

Are there any insecurities when it comes to the bedroom? I'ma tell you off the top I definitely have an insecurity when it comes to being intimate. I've been skinny all my life, so therefore, I've never liked to be completely naked. It's usually, like, I'll hide under the covers. As much as I boast about being in shape and stuff.

While I can certainly see a past where Cannon was “skinny,” it seems as though that was pretty long ago now. Not only does he seem to have filled out with age, there is nary of a photo of him where he’s not pretty packed with very well-defined musculature. Obviously, he’s spent a lot of time making sure that that’s the case, and it sounds like at least some of that might be due to his insecurity about being thin.

And, you know what? Most people are sure to understand where he’s coming from. As Cannon noted, he likes to “boast about being in shape,” but we still live in a world where, for men, that usually equals having poppin’ pecs, abs, biceps, and other muscles that are quite visible, even though people can be in shape and healthy without that.

Also, if you’re worried that your body type doesn’t fit what your partner really wants, that’s going to definitely impact how you feel about yourself (and how much fun you’re likely to have) when it comes time to get down with the gettin’ down. There are probably a lot of people who, for this very reason, would rather never have sex again than have to do it totally naked and / or with enough light in the room to make themselves fully visible. So, at least Nick Cannon can rest assured knowing that he’s not the only one to feel this way.

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