No Big Deal, Just Nick Cannon Renting Out An Entire Waterpark For His And Mariah Carey's Kids

Nick Cannon having a laugh on The Nick Cannon Show before its cancellation.
(Image credit: The Nick Cannon Show)

Much has been said about Nick Cannon and his seemingly ever-growing brood of kids. The media personality has fathered eight children and reportedly has another one on the way. With this, commentators across the web have questioned just how much time the Hollywood vet has for his kids. Such a thing is probably a balancing act for him, but he recently spent some quality time with the twins that he shares with ex-wife Mariah Carey. Cannon rented out an entire waterpark for the two 11-year-olds and posted about it on social media. I mean, because that’s no big deal and something that we all do, right?

Nick Cannon posted about the experience with his two oldest children, Monroe and Moroccan, on his Instagram. The video shows the trio enjoying the rides and simply living it up at the unnamed waterpark. And based on the footage, I honestly can’t tell who’s having more fun: Cannon or his kids. Take a look at the fun video for yourself down below: 

I have to say, the inclusion of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s “Summertime” was a nice touch, as the track definitely lends itself to the carefree vibe of the video. I’d wager that the Cannon kids had a nice time kicking it with their dad and he with them. Getting an entire waterpark to yourself is definitely special, and the pre-teens now have some fond memories that they can hold onto for years to come.

This personalized waterpark trip comes on the heels of Nick Cannon and Brie Tesi welcoming their baby boy, Legendary Love. The little one arrived earlier than expected, and Tesi and Cannon kept things a secret out of caution due to the former apparently being “sold out” by someone earlier in her pregnancy. Tesi has gotten flak for having Cannon’s latest child and, though she says it doesn’t “genuinely affect [her],” she questioned why so many would be concerned about “what happens in [her] household.”

Still, questions persist about how the father of her child manages to be there for his children. Nick Cannon has spoken about how involved he is as a parent, saying that he’s “probably engaged throughout [his] children’s day, more often than the average adult can be.” He says that he takes them to school and supports them during their extracurricular activities. And if he’s not physically present, Cannon apparently carves out time to talk to them via FaceTime. 

The Masked Singer host has also spoken about his views on monogamy and how his split from Mariah Carey affected them. The end of his and Carey’s relationship really stuck with him and, just recently, he reminisced about the “fantasy love” they once had. However, he’s also clarified the current state of their relationship, and he’s not exactly looking to get back with her. 

But it’s great to see that Nick Cannon is spending time with their two children. With Monroe and Moroccan reaching their teen years, one would think that Cannon will try to spend as much time as he can with them before they begin to branch out more and do their own things.

Erik Swann
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