Nick Cannon’s Latest Baby Mama Gets Real About The Flak She’s Received For Having The Star’s Eighth Child

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There were proclamations of celibacy and hints at a vasectomy in the past, but they were all seemingly for naught for the one and only Nick Cannon. The Wild ‘N Out alum has fathered eight children, five of which in the last two years alone, with Lucky Number 8 to be born here shortly. Everyone (and their mama) has a punchline handy for the complicated situation, but Cannon’s latest baby mama is getting real about the flak that actually comes with becoming one of the many.

Eight kids, five mothers, one father. The math is just not mathing for those online who see just one kid as an endeavor in and of itself. There’s even been some questions leveled at Bre Tiesi, Nick Cannon’s expecting mother-to-be, about why she would even enter into such an arrangement. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 31-year-old addressed those criticisms with a bit of criticism of her own, saying:

I'm not really opinionated in [other people’s] business. That's not really my thing. When it first started happening I was just like, 'I don't understand why everyone is so concerned. Like, why are you upset about what happens in my household?' For me, it doesn't actually genuinely affect me. I understand people's side and they're used to their conventional relationships. That's what's instilled in us. Whatever you want to call this has been going on for years.

Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon’s baby announcement back in February was seen not only as unconventional but also controversial in some respects. Cannon’s seventh child, a 5-month-old son named Zen, had tragically died of brain cancer just two months earlier. Tiesi told the outlet that it was a difficult time all the way around because both Cannon and Alyssa Scott (Zen’s mother) were still “grieving,” and they continue to do so to this day. (Just last week, Cannon and Scott shared emotional birthday posts in tribute of Zen after his passing.) Tiesi added that it wasn’t her intention to “hit [Scott] while she was down” with her baby news.

Still, the tradition of the actor having so many kids consecutively has become more of a running joke than anything nowadays. And Nick Cannon has been leaning into it somewhat, with a little help from Ryan Reynolds and his “vasectomy” cocktail. The public commentary hasn’t stopped, though, specifically that Cannon can’t possibly be 100% present with all of the kids. However, the former daytime talk show host defended his level of involvement as a father recently, with claims that he's more engaged than the "average adult." For her part, Baby Number 8’s mom isn’t too worried about his commitment. She said:

As a boy, he's always going to need his father but I don't think that's something I'll have to tell [Cannon]. I think he'll be present on his own. I have faith that he'll be good.

Speaking of baby mamas though, The Masked Singer host has said he has one baby mama who’s his favorite one. (And it’s not who you’d think it is.) Bre Tiesi revealed that she’s not close with any of the other mothers because she respects their personal space. She’s optimistic, though, that they all will be cordial in the future as the Cannon brood grows up, emphasizing how “the kids are going to be super close.”

They might really want to get on that because the count is only going up, as Nick Cannon kinda sorta confirmed rumors that there is more than one baby on the way in 2022. Keep your eyes peeled for more news on that and whenever Bre Tiesi gives birth, which is supposedly any day now.

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