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Nick Cannon And Bre Tiesi Have Welcomed Their Baby, Share The Full Video Of The Birth

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Nick Cannon’s eighth child has been born. He and Bre Tiesi welcomed a son at 1:28 a.m. June 28, and the proud new parents have shared the entire labor experience via an 11-minute video on YouTube.

The baby boy, named Legendary Love Cannon, was born weighing 8 pounds, 10 ounces and measuring 21 inches long. Bre Tiesi chose to do an unmedicated home birth, and Nick Cannon was present, along with a midwife to see her through the process. You can watch her full labor and delivery journey in the video below, but please be warned: The model included a trigger warning, as there is “a lot of screaming and is a little graphic.” 

Bre Tiesi explained that at 41 weeks she started trying to naturally induce labor so the baby could be born before Nick Cannon had to go out of town. She engaged in pressure point massages, castor oil smoothies and "lots of sexy time" to attempt to get things moving.

In the end, her labor lasted for 10 hours, and the new mom thanked her birthing team as well as Nick Cannon for helping her through what she called on Instagram "the most humbling / limit pushing yet awakening and completely empowering experience."

There was apparently one scary moment for Bre Tiesi, as she said in the YouTube video that the newborn required "a little respiratory support" when they realized he didn't start crying immediately. The midwife used an air tube, the model said, and when the baby boy did begin to cry, it was the "best sound I ever heard."

Legendary Love is Bre Tiesi's first child, and proud new mom posted lots of photos, showing her and Nick Cannon with their new son. And the little Legend may be just a few weeks old, but he's already gotten his start on social media, as Tiesi set him up with an Instagram page to share "all things Legend." Check out his first post: 

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Legendary Love Cannon is the eighth child born to TV personality Nick Cannon, and Bre Tiesi has been open about the flak she's received for their family's nontraditional situation. The former talk show host is also rumored to have at least one more on the way this year, as Abby De La Rosa, who gave birth to twin sons Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir in June 2021, is pregnant again.

As well as Zion and Zillion — and the newborn Legendary — The Masked Singer host shares daughter Monroe and son Moroccan Scott with Mariah Carey, and son Golden and daughter Powerful Queen with model Brittany Bell. Alyssa Scott gave birth to another son Zen in August 2021, who tragically passed away at 5 months old from brain cancer.

As the actor's brood continues to grow, Bre Tiesi has said she has no worries about whether or not Nick Cannon will be able to make time for all of his children. She said somehow he's able to make it work, and she and the other mothers make sure to put important events on the calendar, "and anything you say you need from him, this man always shows up."

Congratulations to Nick Cannon and Bre Tiesi on their new bundle of joy!

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