Oh Mylanta, Full House Just Turned 35 And Candace Cameron Bure Threw Back With Some Sweet Photos

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As hard as it may be to believe, it’s been 35 years since we were introduced to the Tanner family on Full House. The beloved series ran for nearly 200 episodes across eight seasons and spawned successful revival series Fuller House. Star Candace Cameron Bure has shared some sweet photos from her time on the sitcom in honor or the anniversary.

Candace Cameron Bure portrayed DJ Tanner, the eldest of Bob Saget’s Danny Tanner’s three girls, on Full House. 46 now, Bure was just 11 years old when the series premiered. The former Hallmark star shared some photos on Instagram of stills and photoshoots from the ABC series, and they will make you more nostalgic than ever:

Seeing those pictures takes me back to watching reruns on Nick@Nite. Full House still remains a favorite for many to this day, as it’s available to watch on HBO Max if you have a subscription. The cast remains close, as proven by Jodie Sweetin’s recent wedding and a Full House reunion on GAC. Maybe they can recreate one of those photos in the near future?

While not for the anniversary, John Stamos is no stranger to posting throwback photos from his time on Full House and his Uncle Jesse days, calling himself a lucky man because of it. It’s clear that 35 years later, the show still means a lot to many, which is always a nice thing to see.

This anniversary for Full House also marks the first one without America’s Dad, Bob Saget. He still remains in the hearts and minds of the cast, friends, family, and fans who adored him. John Stamos recently revealed a sweet mix-up that led to Saget’s presence being felt at Jodie Sweetin’s wedding, and it was touching. Recently, John Mayer, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jeff Ross hosted an event for Scleroderma Research Foundation that Saget hosted for 30 years and featured a special tribute video to the actor, according to TMZ.

The fundraiser isn’t the only tribute to Bob Saget. John Stamos paid tribute during a Beach Boys concert, and Candace Cameron Bure made a touching shirt to honor him. While this anniversary probably feels a little different without Saget, at least there are plenty of photos and videos to remember him with.

Meanwhile, as Full House celebrates 35 years, it’s been just two years since Fuller House ended. It’s unknown whether there will be another spinoff in the future, but Dave Coulier has ideas of how it could happen. Perhaps there could be a reunion special in the future like Friends and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, as it would also be a nice tribute to Bob Saget. But in the meantime, Full House is streaming on HBO Max if you ever need a nice family lesson and laughs.

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