John Stamos Shared Throwback Pic With Ashley Olsen And Bob Saget, Calling Himself A 'Lucky Man'

John Stamos as Uncle Jesse in Fuller House
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The Full House family lost its patriarch early in 2022 with the unexpected death of Bob Saget, who played Danny Tanner both on the original sitcom and the Fuller House spinoff on Netflix. In the wake of his passing, his former co-stars were among the many to pay tribute to him, and continue to do so even months later. Now, John Stamos – who played Saget’s on-screen brother-in-law on both shows and has called him his “biggest cheerleader” – has shared a fun throwback pic featuring not only him and Saget, but also Ashley Olsen. 

Ashley Olsen of course played youngest Tanner daughter Michelle (along with twin sister Mary-Kate Olsen) on Full House, but Stamos’ photo proves that these stars could have plenty of fun and bonding time off of the set as well as working as the extended Tanner family. Take a look at his Instagram post: 

What better choice for a throwback photo to share in June than one featuring John Stamos and his friends/co-stars experiencing “unfiltered joy” when he needed some cheering up back in the summer of 2004? It’s sweet that he mentioned his friends coming through for him when he needed them, and good for Stamos that he can reflect on his luck and happiness after losing Bob Saget as his longtime friend. 

It’s also nice to see Ashley Olsen featured, since neither she nor her sister returned as Michelle for Fuller House, and the spinoff got creative to explain the character’s absence. They did issue a rare public statement in honor of their TV dad after his death in January, and Stamos recently posted an adorable throwback photo of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen after his son dropped the iconic Michelle Tanner line, so the ties are still there. 

Another star who is known for delivering the laughs as part of the Tanner family commented on Stamos’ post, revealing that she too paid a visit to her on-screen uncle at his beach house. Jodie Sweetin (a.k.a. Stephanie Tanner) wrote:

Oh yes!! I remember that house!!

Part of the photo that I would say makes it even sweeter is the date of 2004. Full House ended back in 1995, with Fuller House not premiering until 2016. This group of people didn’t need to be together for work; they were together for fun, and it certainly looks like they were having plenty of it. This also isn’t the only time recently that Stamos went the extra mile to showcase his late friend, as he reunited with Bob Saget’s wife Kelly Rizzo when Saget was posthumously awarded the IMPACT Award from the Critics’ Choice Real TV Awards.

Sadly, Bob Saget was left out of the “In Memorium” segment at the Tony Awards on June 12, and John Stamos wasted no time in calling the Tonys out for the snub. Even if Saget doesn’t always get the official tributes that his loved ones feel that he deserves after his long and prosperous career, Stamos clearly is willing to go to bat for him. 

If you want to revisit the extended Tanner family and their lovable shenanigans, you can find the full run of Full House (including the Olsen twins as Michelle) streaming with an HBO Max subscription, while the full run of Fuller House is available with a Netflix subscription.

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