Real Housewives' Larsa Pippen Reveals Her Father's Totally On-Brand Response To Her OnlyFans, And How It Changed Things

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Since breaking into the world of reality TV with The Real Housewives of Miami (and Keeping Up with the Kardashians), Larsa Pippen has made few attempts to censor herself in any capacity, which is behavior synonymous with the Bravo franchise. It’s part of why her fans love her, and it’s part of why she’s made a small fortune through her OnlyFans profile. Feeling sexually confident and making extra moolah for it has no doubt been a boon for the socialite of late, but she revealed at BravoCon 2022 that her dad apparently isn’t as positive about it, even if he’s not entirely clear what OnlyFans is. Just like a dad. 

For this year’s celebration of all things Bravo, Larsa Pippen took part in a panel moderated by Michael Rapaport (via People), who inquired whether or not she’s still bringing in the money on the online subscription platform. She revealed that she’s not quite as active as she was before — Pippen told Andy Cohen back in February 2022 that she took in around $200,000 from a single person during a two-week stretch — and that part of that had to do with her father’s unabashedly dad-like reaction. In her words:

I was very active on OnlyFans. I love the platform; I think it's amazing. My dad said a lot of people were calling him about my OnlyFans. And he called and was like, 'I don't know what OnlyFans is, but you need to shut it down.' And since he did that, he took my sexy feel away. He just took it!

A longtime friend of Kim Kardashian (who recently batted down shade-throwing rumors), Pippen is currently 48 years old, has four children, and is a successful businesswoman in her own right, so she’s clearly not beholden to the whims and wishes of her dad. But that’s certainly about as predictable a reaction as one would imagine he’d have — just look at how Charlie Sheen reacted to his daughter joining — particularly when it comes to not even being specifically aware of what OnlyFans is. If somebody brought it up to him, they presumably mentioned the kinds of NSFW content the subscription-based site is famous for, which is catnip for a dad’s alarm bells to go off, regardless of anyone’s age.

Still, for all that it would be expected, it’s still a shame that his reaction negatively impacted Pippen’s self-confidence and “sexy feel,” as it were. The TV celeb got back in touch with that side of her personality following her final split from NBA great Scottie Pippen, who has engaged in some Real Housewives-worthy snipes at former teammate Michael Jordan in the aftermath of The Last Dance’s release. Of course, the RHOM star is rumored to be getting friendly with Marcus Jordan, the son of her ex’s quasi-rival, which is a whole can of drama worms unto itself. 

In any case, Larsa Pippen said she wasn’t able to return to the same mindset regarding OnlyFans following that convo with her father, and thus hasn’t been as active there. She did speak to her belief that her popularity on the site is based largely on her ability to speak Arabic, with a large number of her subscribers coming from the Middle East. Perhaps her whatever-it-is with Marcus Jordan is also a reason why she’s not doing as much there. Could that play into what’s coming in the new season?

Check out the trailer below for Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Miami, which will be available to stream exclusively for everyone with a Peacock subscription.

The Real Housewives of Miami will kick off its fifth season on Peacock on Thursday, December 8, so there will definitely be some sunshine-filled drama under the Christmas tree this year. Head to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what other goodies are coming up before the year’s end.

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