Sam Asghari Addresses Britney Spears' 'Protective Fans' Worried That Her Social Media Is Being Controlled

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Though Britney Spears has been free of the conservatorship that ruled her life for a little over a year now, there are still a lot of questions that fans have about what’s really going on with the pop star. Since her fairytale wedding to Sam Asghari in early June, the singer has taken several breaks from social media, and frequently returned with posts that have her followers worried that her accounts are being controlled by someone other than her again. After conspiracy theories ramped up again in November, now her new husband has addressed “protective fans” who think she’s no longer speaking for herself.

What Did Sam Asghari Say To Britney Spears’ Worried Fans?

This is far from the very first time that the “Hold Me Closer” singer has dealt with her fans believing that someone else was controlling her social media. But, these new fears are directly related to several posts about her home, her family, and other things that have been on the star’s Instagram over the past several months. Now, Asghari has taken to his Instagram Stories to address those worried that Spears isn’t in control of her social media right now. He said, in part:

Social media can be traumatizing. Sometimes it's good to take a break. She has her voice and is a free woman. I have respect for her privacy and I protect it at all times. Thank you to all of her protective fans…Sometimes being over protective can cause more stress and damage.

In his post, Asghari also noted that he doesn’t post his wife “24/7,” and only does so after asking permission, because of his respect for her privacy. He also told fans that she doesn’t generally go with him to public events because of how many of them she’s had to do over the years, since she was a young child, and that they’re “not fun” for her, but “[hectic] and full of stress.”

Why Are Britney Spears’ Fans So Worried That She’s Not Controlling Her Social Media?

As noted above, these new worries began over the summer, after her marriage and the announcement that the “Womanizer” artist would be moving to a new home. However, after that move had supposedly been completed, fans started noticing a lot of posts which appeared to have been taken in Spears’ previous home, in addition to a number of photos/videos which were posted as though they were new, but had, in fact, been on her Instagram months or years earlier.

On top of that, it was less than a month ago that Asghari attempted to get his wife on an Instagram Live while they were in bed, which left her, off camera, sounding confused before eventually telling him, “I have nothing to say. I don't want to talk to them right now.” That led to him stopping the video, and lots of negative comments about the video, their relationship, and him, specifically. 

Adding even more fuel to the conspiracy fire is the fact that the Princess of Pop has spent over a year using her social media to make a number of shocking allegations against her sister, Jamie Lynn, and other family members, but recently posted a loving appreciation of her younger sibling that definitely caught fans off guard.

Hopefully, at some point, the hitmaker will give an interview that answers many of the questions fans have, but until such a time, you can probably bet that her fans will continue to be suspicious of everything on Spears’ social media.

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