Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy On Whether She'll Film Her Wedding For The Show

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2021 had its fair share of roses and thorns for Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy. She found herself in the middle of scandal when a co-star insinuated she hooked up with none other than Alex Rodriguez. (The athlete would later have a very public breakup with fiancé Jennifer Lopez.) However, a few months after the controversy, LeCroy found herself engaged to her new love, 35-year-old Brett Randle. The reality star has revealed of late, though, that their wedding will not be filmed for the Bravo show.

So not only will the Southern Charm cast not be getting invites to the nuptials, but Madison LeCroy told Us Weekly that none of the show's production crew will be present either. It’s a major upset, considering how weddings draw huge audiences for reality TV shows. But LeCroy told the outlet she has a different priority than the Bravo network will, saying:

I’m gonna try to keep the wedding pretty intimate and about family. So, I will be showing some sneak peeks of that, but overall, you’ll just have to wait until after the wedding day.

The real reason why the star's wedding (date still unknown) is going incognito is because, well, fiancé Brett Randle is apparently not one for the spotlight. LeCroy has even shared in recent weeks that Randle is not partaking in filming at all for Season 8 of Southern Charm. She said to Us Weekly:

It’s kind of not his thing. He’s more of an introvert. It takes a special person to put their life out there on television. So, I respect that and am trying to protect him at all costs.

The good news is that Madison LeCroy revealed she’s not going to be asking “the whole cast” of Southern Charm to her wedding. The implication being that at least one or two of her co-stars will actually get an invite after all. More than likely, the show’s matriarch/LeCroy’s longtime hairstyling client, Patricia Altschul, will be invited.  The same can probably be said for Altschul’s son, Whitney Sudler-Smith, (executive producer of SC) who she says is like a “big brother” to her. She also hinted that the new castmate this year, Venita Aspen, might be at the event because she’s been “very helpful.”

We already have our suspicions about which series star for sure, 100 percent, isn’t invited to the wedding, including Craig Conover, who’s currently planning his own big day with a certain Summer House alum. He also spilled the alleged tea on Madison LeCroy and A-Rod. And then there's Austen Kroll, LeCroy’s ex who she’s already been sparring with again amidst Season 8 filming. Finally, you have Leva Bonaparte, who in fact believes those A-Rod hookup rumors to be true.

It'll surely be a doozy of a Southern Charm season, which is expected to premiere in the spring. However, the lack of her fiancé and wedding on the show combined with her splitting her time bicoastally does draw questions regarding Madison LeCroy’s long-term future on the show that brought her notoriety.

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