After Being Involved In A-Rod And JLo Break-Up Drama, Madison LeCroy Has Found Herself Engaged

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It's not too often that a reality TV star is at the epicenter of an A-List celebrity breakup. Yet such was the case for Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy when one of her co-stars spilled some major beans at the last reunion special. Some cheating insinuations were thrown around that concerned none other than Alex Rodriguez. (A-Rod and his fiancée JLo called off their nearly 2-year engagement not long after.) With all the drama said and done, though, LeCroy is now engaged herself. (And no, not to A-Rod.)

Only a month after A-Rod and JLo announced their split, the alleged third party in their relationship was seemingly moving on, too. Madison LeCroy went Instagram official with her boyfriend Brett in June and now they're officially engaged. Before announcing it on Amazon Live, the Southern Charm star revealed to E! Online that her 8-year-old son approved and was actually there for the proposal:

It was just the three of us, and it was intimate and you know I don't have all the professional photography pictures that other people have these days, but I like it that way. It was just us three and I couldn't have asked for anything better. I woke up that next morning and I went straight to the nail salon. My nail girl was like 'you're here before half the staff.'

Madison LeCroy also shared that Bravo fans shouldn't expect to see her new fiancé on the next season of Southern Charm. She said that she's “not going to be showing any of that” in order to “protect” the relationship as much as possible. Apparently, too, her fiancé “doesn't have any interest” in being on the show.

It's no wonder why Madison LeCroy's new beau doesn't want to take part in the drama of reality TV. Her last relationship of 3 years with Southern Charm co-star Austen Kroll was very volatile on the show. Kroll famously cheated on her before she took him back for that last and final time. After they broke up yet again, co-star Craig Conover alleged at the reunion that LeCroy was ironically sleeping around with a married Major League Baseball player. LeCroy and A-Rod both denied the allegations in the aftermath, yet she later admitted that to having phone contact.

Nevertheless, Madison LeCroy isn't the only one moving on from all the drama. A-Rod is poking fun at living the single life. Meanwhile, JLo has since gotten back together with her own ex-fiancé Ben Affleck. And sure enough, Bennifer is still very much cute.

Madison LeCroy has jokingly taken credit for giving us Bennifer 2.0. Hopefully she will also give us more insight on the whole A-Rod situation in the upcoming season of Southern Charm. If not, the ongoing custody drama for Kathryn Dennis might take center stage, once again.

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