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Steve Harvey Dropped A Fire Pic Of Himself Dressed In A Green Suit, And Fans Think He Looks Like A Supervillain

Steve Harvey, comedian, mogul, host with the most, is known for many things. His ability to make pretty much anything funny, his wild faces when people say silly things, and his enviable mustache all go on that list. But, another thing that Harvey has been known for in his many years in the spotlight is his fashion sense, with the Family Feud master of ceremonies having been seen in a wide array of colorful, well-fitting attire. Well, Harvey recently dropped a fire pic of himself in an all green ensemble, but a lot of fans think he just looks like a supervillain.

Now, Steve Harvey has done tone-on-tone dressing before, with a Celebrity Family Feud hosting gig from late in the summer seeing him work wonders in a deep burgundy velvet suit, matching shoes and a dark red shirt and tie. But, apparently, his all green suiting choice just rang too many supervillain bells for his fans, because even though the outfit was definitely chic, people couldn’t help making comparisons on Twitter:

steve harvey supervillain green suit tweet

(Image credit: Twitter)

As you can see, this Steve Harvey fan jumped on the chance to turn the comedian into one of the biggest, and most attired in green, Batman villains: the Riddler. And, it wasn’t that hard. All they had to do was change his tie and shoes to a flashy purple and add a mask in the same shade. I imagine this didn’t take too long, so I appreciate them going the extra mile to add a tied-up Batman (disappointed head hanging low) who’s precariously close to getting blowed up. Now I feel like I really need to know...What does come next?! 

Some people put in less effort, and who can blame them when Harvey has already given us so much to work with? The end result here still packs a recognizable punch, though:

steve harvey supervillain green twitter

(Image credit: Twitter)

OK. This. Is. PERFECT. It turns out that Steve Harvey is our flyest Loki variant, isn’t he? Obviously, this would be on a lot of people’s minds as of late, seeing as how everyone’s favorite green-loving God of Mischief just had his own TV show, even though I will put money on Harvey giving no thought to such a thing when he decided to sport this outfit. I am interested now to see more of this Loki’s timeline, because even if he gets up to a lot of no good, very bad things there, if even only half of the other folks in it look this good...I want to go to there.

Next, we go back to Batman villains, because why not make good use of those Photoshop skills, amirite?

steve harvey supervillain green outfit twitter

(Image credit: Twitter)

Wowwwwww. I gotta say; I dig it, y’all. I really do. You cannot go wrong with Heath Ledger’s The Dark Knight Joker, in general, and this was a good swap for Harvey’s duds. Even though that Joker costume was usually more purple-focused, green played a big part, so this look just makes sense. Plus, this fan took the time to get the shoes, creepy face paint and disturbing dialogue just right. This gets my vote...I mean, not really. I’d never vote for the Joker. Unless he was actively threatening me, that is. I’m only human.

This deeply-hued sartorial choice from Harvey led to many comparisons to supervillains and other beloved TV and movie characters, all of which were quite appropriate. But, there is one especially silly fan response which just needs to be shared, and even though it’s not comic book villain-based, it’s nearly guaranteed to make you laugh:

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I guess the message here is that sometimes villains are dancers dancing sexy. Thank you, Steve Harvey. Were it not for your green-forward dressing on this day, such joy would not have been brought forth. Clearly, you were truly put here to both entertain, and help us entertain ourselves.

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