The Bear’s Jeremy Allen White Explains Why He's Nervous About Filming Season 2, And It's Totally Understandable

Jeremy Allen White as Carmy on The Bear
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While we've been able to watch Jeremy Allen White in his fair share of shows and movies for years now, he really broke big and reached a new level of fame last summer after many people gave The Bear a try. It felt like everyone was saying “Yes, Chef,” following the FX show’s release, and now with Season 2 on the way, the actor who plays said chef is understandably nervous about filming the next installment of the kitchen-based dramedy. 

White has received so much positive praise for his work on this show, and he has won a Golden Globe and a Critics Choice Award, and will likely be a shoo-in for an Emmy. People have taken note of the actor’s rise, and how it parallels his character’s success with his restaurant on The Bear. While speaking with Vanity Fair, a journalist asked the former Shameless star about his and Carmy’s career trajectories and the pressure of making Season 2 after the first installment’s standout success. 

This is all really exciting, but I am a little bit nervous about going back to shoot the second season because so many understandings of this work we did are now being pushed on us. If you read too many reviews, this thing that was once ours has had so many ideas put on it. I’m hopeful we can shut the world out a little bit.

Even though I have no doubt The Bear’s second season will be just as fantastic as its first, I completely understand where White is coming from. When a show is received so well right out of the gate, the bar gets set really high, and working to exceed those expectations, without submitting to cheap fan service, is likely a major challenge. 

I hope that White and the cast of The Bear are able to “shut out the world” as the actor noted, so they can immerse themselves in their Chicago kitchen. That way, they can make a season of TV that they’re proud of and the viewers will love. 

Considering how things wrapped up last season, we know the show is about to grow, as Carmy and co. work to transition away from Original Beef and transform into The Bear. I’m curious to see how they up the ante, and while White may be a bit nervous about filming the second season, it’s been set up to be another enthralling and thrilling story. 

Along with the highly anticipated second season of The Bear, White’s career has skyrocketed, and he has lots of other projects in the works. Notably, he’s set to star alongside Zac Efron in A24’s new film The Iron Claw, which is a film about the Von Erich family, who are wrestling icons. The actor also has two other movies in post-production, which goes to show that this actor’s trajectory is on par with Carmy’s on The Bear.

The cooks are currently in the kitchen on Season 2 of The Bear, and it should make its way onto the 2023 TV schedule this summer. While White is understandably nervous to film this season, I bet it will be amazing, although we'll have to wait a bit to see. So, in the meantime, you can watch the first season of the hit FX series with a Hulu subscription. 

Riley Utley
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