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Hospitals aren’t usually what come to mind when we think about the holidays — at least we hope not! But for Grey’s Anatomy fans, the longtime ABC medical drama is the gift that keeps on giving. Grey’s Anatomy is appointment viewing for many, making any merchandise from the show a great gift option for the fan in your life.

And since Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air since 2005, you can be sure there are plenty of unique and quality gifts to be found. For one thing, the show is quite quotable, and it has given us a litany of lovable characters over the years to adorn our clothing, kitchenware and more. Here are 16 of the best Grey’s Anatomy gifts that are sure to please any fan:

A Grey's Anatomy tote bag reads "Dark & Twisty"

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Dark And Twisty Tote Bag

This classy tote is a sensible option, because everybody needs reusable bags. The "dark & twisty" is a subtle nod to Grey's Anatomy fans in the know about Meredith's disposition — in the earlier seasons at least. The cotton bag is durable and measures approximately 15 square inches.

Buy the Dark and Twisty Tote Bag on RedBubble.

Derek Shepherd's face is shown on a sequin pillow.

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Derek 'McDreamy' Shepherd Sequin Pillowcase

How fun is this sequined Derek Shepherd pillowcase? This accessory can adorn your furniture in sparkling sequins but quickly transform into your favorite neurosurgeon with the swipe of a hand. This is available as just the pillowcase or with the insert, measuring about 16 square inches, and you can choose between black or gold sequins.

Buy the Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd Sequin Pillow on Etsy.

A mug shows the last names of Grey's Anatomy's Richard Webber and Miranda Bailey, Scandal's Olivia Pope and How to Get Away with Murder's Annalise Keating.

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TGIT Black Leads Mug

Shonda Rhimes has long been lauded for championing diversity in television. This mug pays homage to four of Rhimes' strongest Black characters — Olivia Pope from Scandal, Annalise Keating from How to Get Away With Murder, and Miranda Bailey and Richard Webber from Grey's Anatomy. This mug is available in either 11 or 15 ounces and is dishwasher safe (bonus!).

Buy the Black Leads Mug on Shop ABC.

A Grey's Anatomy sweatshirt reads "On Thursdays we watch Grey's."

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On Thursdays We Watch Grey’s Sweatshirt

For those who know exactly where they'll be on Thursday nights. These sweatshirts are made from a cotton/polyester blend and come in a variety of colors. Everybody needs a super comfy sweatshirt when they settle down with a glass of wine to catch up with Meredith and all of our favorite hospital heartthrobs!

Buy the On Thursdays We Watch Grey's Sweatshirt on Etsy.

A sticker of Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd's Post-It where they wrote their vows.

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Meredith And Derek Post-It Marriage Sticker 

Here's a great stocking stuffer for the romantic in your life. A Blue Post-It sticker of the wedding vows Derek Shepherd jotted down with Meredith Grey. They may have eventually made it to the courthouse, but it was the Post-It that sealed the deal for fans to proclaim, "MerDer forever!" This sticker comes in two sizes and is super affordable if you need something small. It could even be an accoutrement to another gift on this list!

Buy the Meredith and Derek Post-It Marriage Sticker on RedBubble.

The cover of a Grey's Anatomy Coloring Quotes coloring book is shown.

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Grey's Anatomy Quotes Coloring Book

If you know a Grey's Anatomy fan who needs some stress relief (and who doesn't?), Meredith and Cristina would probably recommend dancing it out with some tequila. But coloring books are a great backup option, and this one is filled with fun designs and pages of classic Grey's wisdom, such as, "Don't ever date a man who can't handle your power." With 66 pages, there's lot of therapeutic artistry to be found here.

Buy the Grey's Anatomy Quotes Coloring Book on Amazon.

Grey's Anatomy-themed colored pencils.

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Shades of Anatomy Colored Pencils

And if you're interested in the Grey's Anatomy-themed coloring book, you're going to need some colored pencils. Why not continue the theme with this punny gift? This set of 12 pencils includes the obvious "Meredith Grey" along with plenty of real winners like "Bluetiful Day to Save Lives," "Maroonda Bailey" and "You're My Purple."  

Buy the Shades of Anatomy Colored Pencils on Pop Colors.

A Grey's Anatomy jigsaw puzzle.

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Grey's Anatomy Collage 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

I happen to love a jigsaw puzzle, and this 1,000 piece puzzle captures our favorite Grey's Anatomy surgeons from the earlier seasons. There's plenty of Cristina Yang, George O'Malley, and both McDreamy and McSteamy. The final product measures 28-by-20 inches and will be enjoyed long after the gift-giving is over.

Buy the Grey's Anatomy Collage 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle on Amazon.

Grey's Anatomy-themed slate coasters.

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Engraved Grey's Anatomy Slate Coasters — Set of 4

Barware is never a bad idea for a gift, and what's more unique than a set of high-quality slate coasters? These coasters come four to a set, each laser-engraved with a different iconic Grey's Anatomy image or quote — the Seattle skyline, the Grey Sloan Memorial logo, "You're my person" and "It's a beautiful day to save lives."

Buy the Engraved Grey's Anatomy Slate Coasters - Set of 4 on Etsy.

Miranda Bailey's face is shown on a car air freshener.

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Grey's Anatomy Car Air Freshener

For the fan who wants a little company on the road, these car air fresheners come in a seemingly endless number of scents, and feature Grey's Anatomy's leading female characters. I, personally, like the idea of Miranda Bailey shooting me a warning glance as I press the accelerator, but there's also Amelia, Maggie, Jo, Cristina ... dang, they're all good options!

Buy the Grey's Anatomy Car Air Freshener on Etsy.

Grey's Anatomy quotes and logos adorn stemless wine glasses.

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Grey’s Anatomy Quotes Wine Glasses

So many Grey's quotes, so little wine. No matter how much merch your favorite Grey's Anatomy fan has, there's no way you won't find something new here. Your choice of nine designs in myriad colored vinyl will adorn this 20.5-ounce stemless wine glass. And my kitchen cupboards will you tell you you can never have too much custom barware.

Buy the Grey's Anatomy Quotes Wine Glasses on Etsy.

A Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital hoodie sweatshirt is shown.

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Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital Hoodie Sweatshirt

A classic hoodie for a cold night. This sweatshirt with the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital sign on the front comes in 17 different colors up to size 3X. Fleece is a winner, especially if you're up in rainy Seattle or traveling to Minnesota to meet your new beau. And it's still a good option if you're not Meredith Grey.

Buy the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital Hoodie Sweatshirt on

A Grey's Anatomy logo Christmas ornament.

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Grey's Anatomy Heartbeat Logo Ornament

Finally, if you're Christmas shopping, you can't go wrong with a classic tree ornament. This 2.75-inch resin ornament boasts the classic Grey's Anatomy logo with little heartbeats in the background. It'll look great on the tree, and it can be a fun nod to one of our favorite shows through the holidays.

Buy the Grey's Anatomy Heartbeat Logo Ornament on Shop ABC.

Hopefully these ideas can help you check some people off your shopping list this season! For more on Grey's Anatomy, check out our list of the Best Grey's Anatomy episodes, and catch the medical drama at 9 p.m. ET Thursdays on ABC.

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