The Euphoria Season 2 Finale Just Aired And Fans Are VERY Upset About That Shocking Death

Javon Walton as Ashtray in Euphoria
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Warning: Major, MAJOR spoilers ahead for the Season 2 finale of Euphoria

Some things end with a whimper, but the Season 2 finale of Euphoria ended with a certifiable bang. In a show that breaks the Internet with stunning regularity over prosthetic penis-enhanced monologues and graphic locker-room nudity, Euphoria managed to outdo itself with a shocking character death that had fans swearing to enact vengeance on creator Sam Levinson. 

So who’s not gonna make it to Season 3 of Euphoria? If last night’s finale was any indication, it’s Ashtray. The fan-favorite character played by Javon Walton appears to have tragically died after an intense police shoot-out at Fez’s house, and the Twittersphere was NOT happy. Cue the waterworks: 

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The characters in Euphoria go through it on a regular basis, but this latest development had even the viewers feeling some type of somber way - especially when Fez (Angus Cloud) kept reminding everyone of Ashtray’s age. (12! He’s 12! A literal baby!)

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Just how upsetting was Ashtray’s untimely demise? The Emmy-winning series has already been renewed for a third season, so we know this won't be how the story ends, but some fans might not be around for the series’ triumphant return. Quite a few claimed to be so distraught by Ashtray’s death that they threatened to cancel their HBO Max subscriptions. At least one appears to have done so:

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If the audience’s reactions were extreme, one can only imagine how the crew must have felt. Even if it’s not real, it can’t be easy to watch a beloved (and young!) character and co-star stare down a sniper rifle. According to this fan, tears were almost certainly shed by actors and camera crew alike: 

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And if you think you were shocked by the finale, imagine being on the actual show and not being in the loop. Katherine Narducci, who played Fez’s badass grandmother, revealed on Twitter that even she didn’t know what would happen to Ashtray: 

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The communal tear-shedding sessions are a testament to the dedication of the team behind Euphoria. After all, no television death would be quite as effective without committed performances from the actors. Ashtray’s shoot-out was completely devastating, but it was the work of Javon Walton and Angus Cloud that made the scene hit particularly hard. The fans agreed: 

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We can always hold out hope that Ashtray somehow survived. After all, we never see his death on-screen - just a poignant shot of a terrified kid with a red dot on his forehead. But only Season 3 can absolve Sam Levinson of his Ashtray-related crimes, and it (sadly) doesn’t have a release date yet. 

Until then, you can rewatch the first two seasons of Euphoria with your HBO Max subscription or discover new shows in the same vein. You can also check out these new upcoming TV releases on tap to hit the small screen in 2022. 

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