The Kardashian Family's Legal Team Responds After Blac Chyna Accuses Trial Judge Of Being Biased

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Considering the years it took Blac Chyna's defamation lawsuit against the Kardashians family to actually make it to trial, the model and reality TV star understandably isn't taking her recent court defeat lightly, and hasn't yet given up on her plight to prove that she wrongfully missed out on future earnings from a second season of E!’s Keeping Up with the Kardashian spinoff series Rob & Chyna. Her legal team’s latest effort involved some legal paperwork that accused Judge Gregory W. Alarcon of being hostile and biased regarding his attitude and treatment of Chyna and her lawyer Lynne Ciani. Before long, the Kardashians’ legal team issued a statement responding to the accusations. 

To be expected, perhaps, the family attorney for the Kardashian family was not in agreement with the claims being made by Blac Chyna, and offered a response that conflicted with the singer/rapper’s stance on the matter. According to TMZ, the Kardashians’ lawyer didn’t pull punches in dismissing the allegations, saying: 

[The filing is a] baseless effort to save face after losing at trial. . . . Their effort to make a scapegoat of Judge Alarcon is frivolous, dishonest, and deserving of sanctions.

What’s more, the attorney points a suspicious finger at the fact that Blac Chyna’s own attorney didn’t bring any problems with the judge to light until after the jury made their decision in the Kardashians’ favor. Whether or not this response has more merit than Chyna’s own claims is unknown, though it’s presumed that someone on the legal side of things will speak out on the matter at some point in the future. 

In her own new legal filing, Blac Chyna reportedly accused Judge Gregory W. Alarcon of displaying an “undeniably hostile and extremely biased” attitude toward the plaintiff and her lawyer. It’s claimed that the judge’s purported bias influenced the eventual verdict by way of his instructions to the jury.

It’s unclear if the legal filings are directly related, but it should be noted that former executive producer for Rob & Chyna, Walter Mosley, was also suspicious of things skewing unfairly in the Kardashians’ favor in the courtroom. Beyond the extensive team of lawyers utilized by the family and its deep pockets, Mosley claimed on the podcast It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper that the judge showed obvious favor to the Kardashians, while showing none of the same positive vibes toward Blac Chyna’s attorney. 

Judge Alarcon did bar Blac Chyna’s mother Tokyo Toni from entering the courtroom after the latter was accused of posting an Instagram Live video in which she made threatening comments against the Kardashians and marquee mom Kris Jenner, who’d testified that Chyna threatened daughter Kylie Jenner and Tyga over their relationship. Lynne Ciana argued at the time that Chyna was not responsible for her mother’s actions, and shouldn’t be held accountable. 

Speaking of Tokyo Toni, the reality star offered up a more positive post-trial update by sharing that she and daughter Blac Chyna are working on a new TV show together for Toni’s Roku Channel called The SHN Network. It will apparently be a talk show, as opposed to a lifestyle-driven format, featuring conversations with both everyday people and celebrities. Maybe one day they’ll even invite Judge Alarcon onto the show, though probably not.

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