Tony Hawk Explains Why He’s Using A Cane After Photo Of Him And The Undertaker Goes Viral

Tony Hawk in Tony Hawk: Until The Wheels Fall Off
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When it comes to the world’s most iconic skateboarders, Tony Hawk is indisputably the first name that comes to mind. Now, at the age of 54, Tony Hawk still has that title, though it's aged a bit. In fact, one humorous photo of the skate legend next to WWE's the Undertaker led Hawk to share an update on the current state of his health. 

First, for context, wrestling reporter Sean Ross Sapp took to Twitter earlier this week to share a photo of The Undertaker and Tony Hawk posing together that went viral. Check it out, plus the caption only those who’ve watched The Undertaker’s best moments would clock: 

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Since The Undertaker’s partner in The Brothers of Destruction was The Kane, and Tony Hawk is holding a cane, there’s a clever little joke in there for those who follow WWE events. Get it? Anyway, following this photo getting a lot of eyeballs on it, people started to get worried about Tony Hawk hanging up his board if he’s walking around in a cane. Here’s what Hawk posted to Twitter

To those seeing pics of me using a cane and assuming it is a permanent situation: I had my femur surgically realigned 2 weeks ago in order to get back to what I love doing at a high level. And I’m taking it slow this time around. See you on the other side.

Back in March, Tony Hawk injured his femur, ironically on the eve of when the trailer for his doc Until The Wheels Fall Off was released. When the incident happened, Hawk shared with fans that the title of the doc goes hand in hand with a philosophy he has to just keep skating until he cannot anymore because he has found his “sense of purpose” shaped his “identity through skating” along with its nourishing his mental health. Thus, Hawk doesn’t plan to stop skating until he is “physically unable.” 

So while Tony Hawk is walking with a cane right now, the pro skater has shared that it’s by no means a permanent situation. He recently underwent surgery to get his femur realigned and is looking to get back to skating “at a high level” as soon as he’s able to do so. 

Tony Hawk has been a pro skater since the age of 14, was the National Skateboard Association’s world champion for twelve consecutive years, and bought his first house during his senior year of high school. No one has ever done it like him, and he’s even appeared in numerous movies and TV shows, so check out what to watch if you like Tony Hawk

Last year, he did lay down his last ollie 540 to a tearful reaction because he decided he would never do it again since it’s such a risky move. You can learn more about Tony Hawk’s life and career as a pro skater in Tony Hawk: Until The Wheels Fall Off, now streaming with an HBO Max subscription

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