Tyra Banks Gets Real About Her Body In 48th Birthday Swimsuit Post

It only takes a glance at the tabloids in the grocery store's checkout aisle to confirm that the entertainment industry isn't always for being kind to women, especially as they age. Nowadays, however, many celebs are choosing to promote body positivity and flaunt their figures in all stages of life, whether the media (and the general public) approves or not. Former supermodel Tyra Banks has been doing it for ages, and she just celebrated her 48th birthday with a fabulous swimsuit post. 

Tyra Banks has been a longtime proponent of body positivity - remember when she absolutely dragged the paparazzi for body shaming her in those bathing suit photos back in 2007? Since then, the television personality and model has continued to speak out against the harmful physical standards placed on women in the public eye. This past weekend, she celebrated her latest birthday with an au natural photoshoot. Check out her Instagram post below: 

She showed off her figure in a chic floral one-piece swimsuit. In addition to stunning the masses, she also shared an empowering message. In a society that often derides women for simply aging, the star chose to instead focus on the positives that come with another year on planet Earth. She acknowledged that her body was changing, but referred to both her physical form and her "body of work." Rather than ignore the effects of aging, she opted to embrace her evolving body with a simple maxim: 

My body is fuller. And so is my mind.

It’s refreshing to see a celebrity recognize the wisdom and professional advancement that can result from a long career, rather than focus on the perceived disadvantages of aging. And Tyra Banks is right. Even if your body changes throughout your life, you can still push the boundaries of your personal and professional growth. Although her industry prizes appearances, Banks hasn’t let that stop her from accepting her body for exactly what it is, rather than what someone on the internet thinks it should be. 

Her positive attitude has served she well: she made history in 1996 when she became the first African-American model to appear on both the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and an issue of GQ. Since then, the California native has pursued ventures in music, acting, writing, and cosmetics. The former Victoria’s Secret Angel even taught an MBA course on personal branding at Stanford University. 

Tyra Banks can currently be seen as the host of ABC’s hit celebrity competition show Dancing with the Stars, which just completed its thirtieth season. There’s been no word on any renewals yet, or if Tyra Banks will return to the show, so be sure to check back here on CinemaBlend for future updates as the story develops. 

Rachel Romean

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