Wendy Williams Is In 'Formerly Retired' Mode, And The View Is Part Of Her TV Goals

wendy williams on the late show with stephen colbert
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It would seem that those who are missing being able to see Wendy Williams on television most days of the week may be in for some good news soon. Even though the long-time daytime host had her show canceled in 2022 after her many health setbacks kept her out of her beloved purple chair for the entirety of what ended up being the last season, she’s not ready to give up the spotlight just yet. The star recently declared that she’s now in “formerly retired” mode, and The View is a part of her comeback plans.

What Did Wendy Williams Say About Her Comeback And The View?

The Hot Topics talker who’s been known to get in the middle of controversies that usually centered on celeb gossip saw her own life become the target of rumors in the fall of 2021, as physical troubles with a number of conditions kept her from returning to work. Aside from a few interviews and Instagram posts over the past year, she’s mostly been out of the public eye (with many rumors still swirling about her health issues), but is now planning her comeback. A photographer with NYCPAP recently caught up with Williams as she shopped for cat supplies, and she caught him up on her progress, saying:

I’m going to spend a week in Paris, and then three weeks in California. Then, immediately fly back, and I want to be on TV. You know, stuff like Seth Meyers, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, The View. Stuff like that. I’m formerly retired.

If you know anything about what takes famous folk to shows like Late Night with Seth Meyers or The View, it’s that they typically go when they have something to promote. The former host of The Wendy Williams Show announced her upcoming podcast last summer, and even took to IG to tell fans about the already-on-sale merchandise for the show, which is now dubbed The Wendy Experience, in December 2022. 

However, we have yet to get a premiere date for the project, and her brother even took a dig at her recently for skipping their dad’s 92nd birthday celebration while still, apparently, not being fully back to work. So, maybe these plans of hers are a sign that things really are moving in the right direction, and fans can expect to hear her podcast sooner rather than later.

From the looks of the host in the video, she appears to be doing much better with her health. Over the past year and a half or so, there had been sad reports of everything from Williams not being able to properly clothe or feed herself on a regular basis, to her even being put under a financial guardianship after a money manager reported to her bank that she was an “incapacitated person” who couldn’t handle her own money anymore.

Now that the Ask Wendy author is looking to work the talk show circuit in a few weeks, here’s hoping that she’s truly on the mend and ready to give her fans more of the brutal honesty she’s known for in her new podcast.

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