Wendy Williams Steps Out And Opens Up About Her Weight After Graves' Disease And Other Health Struggles

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All Wendy watchers (and pretty much anyone who pays attention to celebrity news) know that former talk show host Wendy Williams has been beset with a number of struggles over the past several years. From a very public cheating scandal with her now ex-husband and stints in rehab for addiction problems, to a myriad of other health issues like Graves’ disease, much of this culminated in the end of her daytime career in 2022. As the star continues to plan her comeback with a new podcast, however, she’s stepped out and opened up about her weight amid her many health concerns.

What Did Wendy Williams Say About Her Weight?

Though the one time “How you doin” host is still plotting her comeback with The Wendy Experience (which her brother recently took a shot at after she missed their dad’s 92nd birthday party for unknown reasons), she’s also continuing to deal with several troubling obstacles, especially surrounding her health. A new video from TMZ, though, shows Williams out and about, looking and sounding quite happy with life right now. 

The Wendy’s Got the Heat author was spotted just on Tuesday night as she headed to dinner at one of her favorite restaurants, Fresco by Scotto (the owner of which noted last year that Williams is interested in opening her own restaurant), smiling and gladly speaking to photographers outside, saying unprompted:

I just went to the doctor, and got on the scale. I weigh 138. Pretty, right?

Awww. It’s good that she’s happy about where her weight is right now, and she was certainly feeling herself on this occasion. The ever-snazzy dresser was in fuzzy black boots, sheer tights that showed off her legs, denim short shorts, and a brown jacket with fluffy, furry sleeves, with those last two items being branded with the logo of luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton.

While the radio and TV veteran, who promoted her new podcast and its merchandise in late December, seemed thrilled about the report from her doctor, we don’t actually know what this particular weight means for her or her health right now. Along with battling addiction and having spent time in a sober house just a few years ago, Graves’ disease (an immune disorder that leads to hyperthyroidism) and lymphedema (a type of tissue swelling that usually affects the legs or arms) have been constant struggles for some time.

It was during the final season of The Wendy Williams Show that her health really took a turn, leading the famed talker to take the full season off as she concentrated on healing. Unfortunately, while that led to the end of her series, it also led to a number of rumors/concerns about her physical and mental wellbeing, including her eventually being put under a financial guardianship last May.

Hopefully, the Hot Topics guru’s weight is a great sign that she’s getting back to her old self, and that she’ll be able to return to the spotlight in the way she wants sooner rather than later.

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