Why Kelly Clarkson Doesn’t Buy Into The Hype Over Real Christmas Trees

Kelly Clarkson sings on her Christmas special When Christmas Comes Around.
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The debate is real, y’all. Which is better — a real Christmas tree or a fake one? Everybody’s got an opinion, though reasons can vary wildly on either side. Real trees give you that good piney smell but can be messy and need to be watered. Fake trees can save time and money in the long run, but aren't as unique. It all comes down to personal preference, but Kelly Clarkson definitely knows what she likes, and The Voice’s Season 21-winning coach is not buying into the hype over real Christmas trees.

Kelly Clarkson leads a busy lifestyle. On top of serving as a coach on The Voice since 2018, she hosts a daytime talk show and has two kids who she gained primary custody of in her long and difficult divorce from Brandon Blackstock. So efficiency definitely plays a role in Clarkson’s preference for an artificial Christmas tree. She went into more detail on Instagram, saying her choice also goes back to her childhood.

I usually do artificial. I always feel like I don’t want to cut a tree down. That’s my thing. I mean, first of all, we were poor growing up, so we had a fake plastic tree. Also, there’s something kind of special about bringing out that tree you have every year that I love, and then you just put a candle on and it smells like a Christmasy forest. I have a lot plants at my house, I’m into gardening and stuff, but I’m not willing to dive that deep. If they want a real tree, they can do that when they’re older, my children, with their own house, their own time.

I think nostalgia likely plays into many people’s preference for Christmas trees. If Kelly Clarkson has good memories of growing up with the same tree every year, that could be a tradition she wants her children to experience, too. I also like that she’s got an easy solution to not having that real Christmas tree scent — light up a candle!

I highly doubt her little ones have too many complaints about their mom’s choice of Christmas tree just yet, but Kelly Clarkson makes a good point — they can always have a real one in their house when they grow up and are responsible for making that decision for themselves. Let’s see if they would want to opt for a real one while filming two TV shows and continuing to release new music. I’m sure in that situation, I’d be looking for time hacks anywhere I could find them. Take a look at the American Idol host’s explanation for yourself:

It’s been a hard year for Kelly Clarkson, as she’s gone about separating her and Brandon Blackstock’s assets after filing for divorce in June 2020. The main point of contention seems to be the Montana ranch that Clarkson was declared the owner of but where Blackstock continues to reside. The holidays have also been an issue, as it was reported Reba McEntire’s stepson hoped to spend Christmas together with their children, but Clarkson has no interest in playing nice with her ex. So even if the Grammy and Daytime Emmy winner wanted an artificial Christmas tree crafted entirely out of magazine cutouts of real Christmas trees, who's to say she doesn't deserve it?

Here’s hoping Kelly Clarkson is able to enjoy some down time this Christmas with her kids, and light up that pine-scented candle in front of their family tree. Check your local listings to see when you can catch the host on The Kelly Clarkson Show on NBC, and take a look at our 2022 TV Schedule to see what’s coming in the new year.

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