Why One Classic Grey’s Anatomy Scene Has Station 19 Fans Worried About Vic’s Fate

Dean Miller performs CPR on Victoria Hughes (Vic) on a ladder on Station 19.
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Spoiler alert! The following discusses the events from the November 11 Station 19 crossover event with Grey’s Anatomy, including the death of a major character.

Station 19 fans were dealt a good dose of devastation in the crossover episode, “Things We Lost in the Fire,” with the loss of Dean Miller (and thus, actor Okieriete Onaodowan as a series regular) in an explosion. But before Miller’s death, Station 19 scared fans by making our beloved Vic Hughes fight for her life as well. And while she seemed to be okay at the end of the crossover — though still recovering at Grey Sloan Memorial — there are some parallels between Vic’s storyline and a classic scene from Grey’s Anatomy that has fans concerned she may not be out of the woods just yet.

Grey’s Anatomy fans have been busy looking for Easter eggs this season, and attentive viewers feared they found one, as they were getting strong Mark Sloan vibes when an injured (and heavily medicated) Vic expressed frustration that Miller was in love with her but too afraid to say it.

If you love someone, you just tell them. You tell them. You don’t kick them out and then save their life and then move away. You tell them.

Sound familiar? In Vic’s exasperation about her complicated relationship with Miller, she used some of the exact words Mark Sloan said on Grey’s Anatomy after Lexie Grey died in Season 8 — and very shortly before he fell into a coma himself, never to wake up. Fans on Twitter were quick to pick up on the similarities.

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Eerily, though, the parallels between Mark Sloan and Vic Hughes’ stories don’t end with just their words. Like Vic and Miller, Mark and Lexie weren’t together at the time of Lexie’s death — their relationship being complicated in part by Mark’s having a child with someone else. As Vic referenced, Miller had kicked her out of his house, using his daughter as an excuse that Vic’s presence would confuse Pruitt since Vic wasn’t her mother. 

The trajectories of their deadly disasters are also strangely similar. Lexie died shortly after the plane crash that stranded her, Mark, and several other doctors in the middle of nowhere. After Lexie’s death, Mark suffered a heart attack but Meredith, Derek, and Cristina were able to keep him alive long enough to make it back to Seattle. He woke up, but died later in the hospital. With Station 19, Miller died at the scene of the explosion, while Vic made it back to Grey Sloan Memorial. After learning about Miller’s death, Vic also suffered a heart attack but was able to be revived. 

The fact that Mark Sloan died after regaining consciousness and doling out the profound love advice is precisely what has viewers worried that Vic might be about to follow the same path. And after already losing one of our favorite firefighters in Miller, fans are ready to fight — in court, if need be.

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Whether Vic does, in fact, follow the Mark Sloan guide to reconnecting with your loved one on the other side (and for the record, I really hope she doesn’t), it’s pretty wild how similar the two stories are to one another! Tune in to find out what happens when Station 19 returns on November 18 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. And be sure to check out our 2021 TV Schedule to see what shows are premiering through the end of the year.

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