Yellowstone Fans Went All Out With Halloween Costumes As Rip, Beth, And A Few Surprises

Beth talking to Caroline on Yellowstone Season 4
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Halloween marked an important time for Yellowstone fans, as it not only presented the opportunity to show off one’s sense of neo-western chic as a homage to the Dutton clan, but it also means we’re now less than two weeks away from the highly anticipated Season 5 premiere, with the rest of the Yellowstone universe also that much closer to arriving. So it was definitely a night (or entire weekend) of celebrations for fans of Taylor Sheridan’s ratings blockbuster, and the Paramount Network drama’s social media was filled to all the brims with pics of Faux Rips, Faux Beth, Faux Johns, and even a few characters one might not have expected.

When it comes to Yellowstone fans who have significant others, there was seemingly a 90% chance that the couple would opt to dress up as everyone’s favorite pairing, Rip and Beth. To the point where I have to imagine the “cat-print jacket” industry must be reaping some mad rewards this week. Check out this one of many couplings posing as Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly’s now married and mostly loving it fan-favorites, as shared on the show's Instagram.

Yellowstone fans dressed as rip and beth

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While many people opted for a non-timely take on the duo, more than a few women chose to portray Season 4 Beth, complete with facial bruising and scarring. (not to mention complete with booze and cigarettes.) The fan below had arguably the best looking makeup going in that respect.

Yellowstone fans dressed as Beth

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Speaking of scarring, we have the Fake Rip below, who is rocking a mock brand scar of the ranch's Y, standing alongside Fake Kayce. Honestly, these guys kinda look like an alt-universe's Bill and Ted.

Yellowstone fans dressed as Rip and Kayce

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From one Kayce to the next, we go. I feel like Montana wouldn't officially let the livestock agent wear a Jack Daniels long-sleeve shit beneath his vest. But they would probably let the cutie in the cow-stume do a ridealong. (It's probably for the good of the world that parents weren't quick to make their kids dress up as kidnapped/traumatized Tate.)

Yellowstone fans dressed as Kayce and Tate

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We're taking a quick step back to another Rip and Beth couple — but I have to think that Rip would judge someone hard enough to bruise them for wearing sneakers as part of the costume, even though I agree with comfort over authenticity when it comes to boots. In any case, we have a relatively rare Teeter sighting here, as well as a super-rare Lloyd costume. I think Jennifer Landon and Forrie J. Smith would be proud. 

Yellowstone fans dressed as rip, teeter and lloyd

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Did someone say "Another Teeter Sighting?" Because that's exactly what we've got here, only a few decades younger than the Teeter we're all used to. Go get 'em, Li'l Teet-Teet. 

Yellowstone fans dressed as Teeter

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Straight outta Texas and back into Montana, only to go back to Texas at some point for the upcoming 6666 spinoff heading to Paramount Network, we have Fake Jimmy and Fake Emily, which is definitely not a costume pairing fans would have seen during Halloween 2021. Kudos to these innovators. And let's not think too hard about that handprint in the background.

Yellowstone fans dressed as jimmy and emily

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While we haven't given John Dutton much love in the early running, this couple delivered on not only Kevin Costner's landowner, but also Wendy Moniz-Grillo's soon-to-be-former Governor Lynelle Perry. Considering Yellowstone has tipped its hat to John and Lynelle potentially taking their relationship a step further, though that might just be my own lovestruck brain. 

Yellowstone fans dressed as John and Lynelle

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And now let's all give it up for our final Yellowstone fan costume showcase, with an impressive squad of seven, which includes another somewhat surprising appearance in the form of Fake Jamie. I can't imagine why nobody wants to dress up like Wes Bentley's charred-black sheep of the family.

Yellowstone fans dressed as dutton family

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Bonus costume! Going back into the franchise's past, we have this couple who dressed up as Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's James and Margaret Dutton from the Yellowstone prequel streaming with a Paramount+ subscription. I give it 1883 stars. 

Yellowstone fans dressed as James and Margaret Dutton

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Yellowstone will return to Paramount Network for Season 5 starting on Sunday, November 13, with a two-hour premiere that was teased heavily in the show’s first trailer. Head to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what else is hitting the small screen in the near future.

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