Disney+'s First Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers Trailer Features Awkward Seth Rogen CGI, Roger Rabbit And More Wacky Weirdness

Sometimes, the best way to reboot something doesn't involve a complete remake, but rather a complete embrace of what came before. Such is the case with Disney+'s upcoming feature Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers, a bonkers-looking cross-format comedy that will bring the beloved '90s animated series into live-action (mostly), with comedic heavy-hitters John Mulaney and Andy Samberg as the titular chipmunks. And as anyone can see in the newly released trailer above, the film is something of a love letter to fans of both Disney and animation. And it features an all-too-rare cameo from none other than Roger Rabbit himself!

Having first made waves back in 2014, the Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers movie is clearly a long time a-coming, and it thankfully already looks like it was worth the effort and wait. Let’s run through some of the biggest moments right quick, shall we?

First, I love that they’re doing a Hollywood exposé story about the ‘90s series, and on a TV that looks like it wouldn’t have survived the ‘80s. And if the theme song and show footage weren’t enough to tickle everyone’s nostalgia ivories, that room full of Rescue Rangers merchandise was definitely the ticket. From the NES love to the stuffed animals to the phonograph and old-school microphone, this is the stuff of prop-based fantasies. And it only makes sense for such a ‘90s-soaked sequence to get capped off by appearances from Paula Abdul, MC Skat Kat and the all-time GOAT of live-action/animated hybrids: Roger Rabbit. The fact that they’re all joined by the Silly Symphonies’ Three Little Pigs is but icing on the cake there.

Three little pigs dancing with Roger Rabbit in chip n dale: rescue rangers

(Image credit: Disney+)

30 years later, a post-surgery Dale is now in CGI mode while the rest of the Rescue Rangers team remains in 2D. And since this is obviously a world where many different animated characters co-mingle with the live-action population, ample opportunities are provided for classic cameos from Disney’s long history with animated characters. Not that live-action franchises like Indiana Jones get left out. 

Beyond Roger Rabbit’s dance moves, I do believe my favorite reference in the trailer is the animated Scrooge McDuck taking a dip in a live-action pool of gold coins, similar to his affluence-related swimming habits in DuckTales. Sure, such a bath would absolutely hurt and doesn’t make logical sense, but it works for me!

Scrooge swimming in coin bath in chip n dale: rescue rangers

(Image credit: Disney+)

The last batch of shots from the trailer feature Aladdin-friendly flying carpets, a batch of My Little Pony favorites, a frightening mash-up Disney-zord, a presumed reference to the live-action Cats disaster, and a CGI version of Seth Rogen that looks like he stepped out of a mid-2000s commercial for a mobile game tie-in to Robert Zemeckis’ The Polar Express that is arbitrarily called something like League of Wars

CGI Seth Rogen in chip n dale: rescue rangers

(Image credit: Disney+)

 With SNL and The Lonely Island's Akiva Schaffer in the director's chair, I wouldn't be surprised if Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers ended up being the most absurdly hilarious movie of 2022. And it doesn't hurt that the rest of the cast is filled out with geniuses like Will Arnett, Dennis Haysbert, Tim Robinson, Chris Parnell, J.K. Simmons, Keegan-Michael Key, and The Simpsons legend (among many other creds) Tress MacNeille. I so hope we get a Lonely Island take on the theme song, too, complete with one of their classic music videos.

We have more ideas for live-action Disney revamps to follow, but for now, Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers will bring together its animated and live-action worlds upon making its Disney+ debut on Friday, May 20. While waiting, fans with a Disney+ subscription can check out all four seasons of the original cartoon, and you don't have to go far to see all the other big movie releases of 2022!

Nick Venable
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