Outer Banks' Season 3 Teaser Trailer Shows The Pogues Stranded, And The Fans And I Have Questions

The sepia-soaked world of Outer Banks is back, as Netflix released a teaser trailer for the third season of the fan-favorite show during its Tudum event. Among lots of other Netflix show announcements, the OBX teaser is particularly exciting because of all the questions we were left with at the end of Season 2. Now, I (along with fans) can add more questions to that list based on the teaser for Season 3.

Elaborating on what we already know about the new season of Outer Banks,  the teaser shows the Pogues stranded on an island, living life in what they’ve dubbed “Poguelandia.” We also see the return of lots of other familiar characters, including Topper, Ward, Rafe and the return of Season 2 standout Elizabeth Mitchell as the toxic Limbry. All the characters seem to be fighting for their lives and for the treasure, and John B. poses a few important questions including: 

What are you willing to do to win? How far will you go to get your treasure?

While these are important thematic questions, we viewers have a few inquires of our own. Let's talk it out:

Madison Bailey as Kiara and Rudy Pankow as JJ in Outer Banks Season 3 teaser hugging.

(Image credit: Netflix)

 Will JJ And Kiara Finally Get Together? 

Scrolling through #OuterBanks on Twitter, it’s clear that fans are incredibly excited and curious about the future of JJ and Kiara. For example, this fan tweeted a set of photos from a single second of the trailer, showing the two hugging:  

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Fans have been shipping the two since day one. While JJ, Pope and John  B. have all at times and some still do crush on Kiara, it seems like it might be JJ’s time to take things to the next level. In Season 2, Kiara and Pope were together, but she broke it off with him. While it’s a literal second of the trailer, it comes after two seasons of seeing their electric chemistry, strong friendship and waiting years for them to get together. Maybe now is the time? We’ll just have to wait and find out.

The Pogues sitting together on the island, facing the ocean.

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Obviously, The Pogues Are Stranded, But How Will They Get Off The Island?

While social media is not really posing this question yet, it’s my biggest question: How on Earth are these kids gonna get off that island? With each season the stakes get higher (and more ridiculous), and at the end of Season 2, we saw our band of heroes get stranded on a plot of land in the middle of the ocean. 

The trailer does show a large boat moving through the water, which could allude to their rescue, but I really don’t know how anyone is going to find them. I guess Ward and Rafe might be motivated enough to try to find Sarah, who is their daughter and sister, respectively. However, those two have proven just how terrible they are, and I really don’t think they would do something like that unless it was ill-intentioned. 

It seems clear to me they will eventually get off the island, because we see sequences in the trailer, like the Kiara and JJ moment for example, that happen in areas of civilization. So we know they get off the island, but I’m super curious to see how they accomplish this.

The main cast of Outer Banks.

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 When Will Netflix Release Outer Banks Season 3?  

Another one of the big questions after the release of the trailer, is when will we be getting Season 3? This seems to be the thing most people are commenting about. Included in that is @BanksNetflix, who posted:  

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Or @lennamarvel3 who responded to Netflix’s announcement with: 


Well, they’ve been working on the new season for a long time. My best guess, it’ll be out mid-2023. After celebrating their Season 3 renewal late in 2021, the cast of Outer Banks got back to work. While they have wrapped filming and we got this teaser, it still kind of stings that we'll have to wait an unspecified amount of time to actually binge the series.

Looking back, Season 1 of OBX was released in April 2020 and Season 2 in July 2021. In my opinion, it’s a quintessential summer show, so my guess is it will be out sometime in the early summer of next year. But while we wait for and theorize over Season 3, you can go back and watch the first two seasons of Outer Banks with a Netflix subscription

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