After Jim Ross Reached Out, Jerry Lawler Shared Update With Fans That Includes Jimmy Hart Pics

Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross in the WWE
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The wrestling world received quite a shock with the news regarding Jerry Lawler's health. The wrestler and iconic commentator was rushed to a hospital recently after suffering a stroke. After wrestlers like Ric Flair and others sent their well wishes, we now have some positive updates to share. News from Lawler's social media page and Jim Ross, his former commentary partner in the WWE, confirmed that "The King" is on the mend. 

AEW commentator and former WWE voice Jim Ross called many iconic bouts with Jerry Lawler at his side, so it wasn't surprising to hear that they spoke after King's hospitalization. Ross shared what he gathered from their brief conversation and where things stand for Lawler on Twitter

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A positive prognosis is great news. Jim Ross made a point to note he could understand Jerry Lawler's affected speech, which is something a fellow commentator may take notice of above all else. As someone who has suffered with Bell's Palsy in his career and is a cancer survivor, Ross may also be someone thinking of the limitations a major medical event can have on one's career.

Jerry Lawler might sound well enough, but it seems like that he'll take some time away from upcoming WWE events for the time being. An official update on Lawler's status arrived via his Twitter page and confirmed widespread reports that he suffered a stroke, as well as pics with WWE's Jimmy Hart: 

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It looks like Jimmy Hart brought along some memorabilia for Jerry Lawler to look at, including a wrestling poster that advertised both of them on the match card as well as famed performance artist Andy Kaufman. Lawler and Kaufman had a famed feud back in the day that bled into the mainstream when the two got into a fight during an interview with David Letterman. 

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Jerry Lawler appears to be in good spirits in the photo, and it's good to see the commentator up and smiling after the first reports surfaced of his incident. They stated that Lawler suffered a stroke at his home in Ft. Myers, Florida, and that he was taken to a hospital and is now on the mend after surgery and believed to be capable of a full recovery. Lawler had previously suffered a stroke back in 2018.

WWE fans may also remember the scare Jerry Lawler gave the world when he suffered a heart attack in 2012 during Monday Night Raw. He celebrated the 10th anniversary of surviving that night last year and has remained a key face on WWE pre-shows and occasional commentary duties. He last called a match for the WWE during the Raw XXX anniversary special in late January alongside current commentators Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick.

Jerry Lawler is on the road to recovery, but if you have a Peacock Premium subscription, you can relive some of his greatest moments in the ring right now. Hop on over, and get ready for many exciting weeks of WWE television with WrestleMania 39 fast approaching.

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