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The Unexpected Way The Arrow Premiere Will Be Affected By Lost, According To Stephen Amell

Five years ago Oliver Queen was stranded on an island, but don't let that fool you. He wasn't actually a passenger on Oceanic Flight 815 this whole time. Still, Lost has affected Arrow in quite an unexpected way.

What's In A Krabby Patty? Here's What The Spongebob Producer Knows

A producer on Spongebob Squarepants revealed a small detail regarding the contents of a Krabby Patty.

Galaga Might Get A TV Show, And Yes, We Mean That Galaga

It's currently unknown whether there will be a high-score board for fastest binge watch.

What The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman Thought While Watching The Season 7 Premiere

Robert Kirkman hosted his own panel at SDCC that our Head TV Editor, Nick Venable, was present for, and fans got some additional insight into Kirkman's thoughts on the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead.

What Lucy Liu Was Like Directing Luke Cage, According To Mike Colter

Mike Colter shares what it's like to work with Lucy Liu when she's directing.

Will Patrick Stewart Ever Show Up On Legion? Here's What The Lead Actor Says

Will Patrick Stewart ever show up on Legion as Professor X? Here's what Dan Stevens said at SDCC.

HBO's Confederate Showrunners Respond To Backlash Over New Series

After dealing with a very angry Twitter, Confederate's showrunners are speaking up.

Krypton's First Trailer Teases Action And Superman's Home Planet

The first footage for Syfy's Krypton has hit the web, and it's looking really good.

Game Of Thrones' Director Responds To Ed Sheeran Backlash

In about one of the biggest TV controversies in 2017, people are still upset about Ed Sheeran's brief appearance in Game Of Thrones.

Watch Archer Crossover With Kingsman In Hilarious New Video

Anyone wondering what would happen if Archer and Eggsy from Kingsman: The Secret Service were in the same room needn't wonder any longer.

Forest Whitaker Just Landed An Exciting TV Role

Forest Whitaker just landed an exciting TV role, and it's also kind of surprising.

The Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik Still Gets Hilariously Small Checks From Doogie Howser

Mayim Bialik still gets checks from Doogie Howser, M.D., and they're hilariously small.

Why All The Arrow-verse TV Shows Will Be Darker Than Ever Going Into The New Seasons

Things aren't looking good in the Arrow-verse, and this could be one of the toughest year each hero has seen yet.

Ryan Seacrest Officially Returning For American Idol Reboot

After months of negotiations, Ryan Seacrest is officially returning for the American Idol reboot.

How The Avengers And Defenders Should Cross Over, According To Finn Jones

If the Avengers and Defenders ever cross paths, Finn Jones has an idea of how it should go down.

A Teen Wolf Reboot Is Already In The Works

Those crying about MTV's Teen Wolf coming to an end can dry their eyes, as it appears a reboot is already in the works.

Why Star Wars' John Boyega Has A Problem With Game Of Thrones

If one day the stars align and a Star Wars actor finds their way into Game Of Thrones, it doesn't sound like it's going to be John Boyega.

New Walking Dead Season 8 Shows Two Fan Favorites Reuniting

The Walking Dead Season 8 hype is only building as more details pop out regarding the show ahead of SDCC's official start.

Ed Sheeran Totally Quit Twitter Following Backlash To Game Of Thrones Cameo

Ed Sheeran left Twitter following his Game Of Thrones cameo, so things must've been rough.

Flip Or Flop's Frank The Tank Was Rushed To The Hospital As Health Problems Worsen

A fan favorite of Flip Or Flop Frank "The Tank," Miller was rushed to the hospital yesterday as his health problems continue to worsen.

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