Weekly Recap Jan 29th: Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Anarchy Reigns, PSP2 Renamed NGP

By William Usher 5 years ago discussion comments
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Despite the last Call of Duty releasing just a few months ago, Activision is already shaping up the next two games in the series with the sci-fi space version and a possibly highly awaited threequal for Modern Warfare. In fact, it was revealed that there will be three companies working on the upcoming game so thatís good news for someone, I think. A new multiplayer fighting game is also on the way for the Xbox 360 and PS3 called Anarchy Reigns, which is a nice break from all the first-person shooters and aimless third-person adventure games. And Sony has officially unveiled the next generation of the PSP and itís not called the PSP2 but instead called the NGPÖNext Generation Portable, anyone? These stories and more in this January 29th, 2011 edition of Gaming Blendís Weekly Recap.


KillZone 3 Multiplayer Open Beta Dated. Good news for fans who are eagerly awaiting KillZone 3.

Ace Attorney Investigations Miles Edgeworth 2 Teaser Trailer Released. Capcom teases gamers with footage of a new game in the Ace Attorney franchise.

Report: Modern Warfare 3 Being Developed by Three Studios. It takes three studios to make sure Modern Warfare 3 will come out right. And letís hope it does.

Rumor: Metal Gear Solid Trilogy HD Collection Coming To PS3. Another trilogy joining the ranks of other notable PS3 titles.

Fight Night Champion: Andre Bishop Media Blowout. Itís a heartfelt story featuring the fall and rise of a boxer.

Red Faction Armageddon Weapons Combat Media Blowout. A lot of weapons and lot of destruction is on display.


Why Nintendo Doesnít Do Achievements. Itís a paper thin reason but if it sticksÖit sticks.

Silent Hill Downpour First Set of Screenshots And Details Released. New details for the latest Silent Hill game.

Gamerís Voice Seeking Legal Action Against Activision Over CoD Black Ops Bugs. Itís only fair, right?

LA Noire Official Release Date Set For Xbox 360 and PS3. Count it down folksÖMay 17th.

Shift 2 Unleashed Limited Edition Bonuses Revealed in New Traier. New cars, events and other goodies available for collectorís of Limited Edition games.

DC Universe Online Selling more For PS3 Than PC. No surprise thereÖmost PC gamers probably just torrented the client.

11 for 2011 PS3 Sale Begins, PSP Spring Fever Sale Coming Soon. 11 for 11 sounds like a great deal to me.

Phoenix Wright Could Be A Marvel Vs Capcom 3 DLC Character. Itís possible..but can he do anything else other than point dramatically?


HomeFront System Requirements Announced. Is your PC sturdy enough to withstand the Korean invasion?

Two Worlds II Royal Edition Announced. A special edition will be available for pre-order.

Dead Space 2 Severed DLC Announced. An additional content pack has been announced for Dead Space 2.

Bulletstorm Crysis 2 Demos Now Available. Xbox 360 gamers get to test out the two upcoming shooters.

2K Games/Rockstar Discounts Hit Xbox Live. Popular Rockstar games now available for cheap.

Knights Contract Goes Gold; Release Date Set For Xbox 360 And PS3. Mark your calendars folks.

Preview: Lucent Heart Legend of Zodiac. Romance meets the MMORPG genre in the first ever romantically fuelled MMORPG.


KillZone 3 Single Player Demo Coming Next Month. Get a taste of the dystopian action before the game releases.

Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime Release Date Revealed. More ghostbusting action arriving near a digital store near you.

Xbox Live Arcade Shooter Hybrid Screenshots Released. The highly anticipated indie shooter is looking good.

MotoGP 11 Release Date and PSN Demo Details Revealed. Find out when you can lap up some victories over opponents when the official release date.

L.A. Noire Homicide Screenshots Released. Following up on the trailer comes some startling new screenshots.


Sony NGP Is The PSP2. Itís official the NGP is actually the PSP2.

Brink and Hunted: Demonís Forge Release Dates Announced. After some unfortunate delays Brink finally gets a solid release window.

Multiplayer Brawler Anarchy Reigns Announced For PS3 and Xbox 360. Sega is taking the fight online.

Superclocked EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti Now Available. Put those stinky old-school cards in a box somewhere, itís time to whip out the big guns.

Paradox Interactive Unveils Free-to-Play Online Games Line-Up For 2011. Included in the line-up is a Civil War FPS/RTSÖdefinitely worth keeping an eye on.

Dead Space 2 Severed Not For PC. As long as the game can be modded I donít think us PC gamers will mind all too much. ;)


Darkspore Hero Editor Video Announces Release Date. Too soon is still not soon enough.

Lucent Heart Romance, Mounts and Travel Screenshots. Get your love-bug on as new screenshots pour for the romance-ridden MMORPG.

Kinect Motion Controls Get Help With Active3D Motion Software. Itís a little bit confusing at first but then it all makes sense once you read through it.

MicroVolts Second Closed Beta Gets Underway Today. Well, itís certainly not today but it doesnít mean you still canít participate.

Nexon Q4 Revenue Jumps 42 Percent Thanks ToÖMaple Story? Odd as it may seem, the little MMO that could has boosted up Nexonís revenue exponentially.


Crysis 2 Demo Coming To PC. Itís not just Xbox 360 owners who get to have a taste of this sweet, sweet goodness.

Conduit 2 Delayed A Month. One month isnít too bad, and besidesÖwho really wants to play this game anyway?

QuakeCon 2011 Dates Locations Announced. Strap up and lockdown your BFG for some classic Quake experiences.

SOCOM 4 Gets Release Date. Following up on the explosive multiplayer trailer comes a cemented release date.

Plants Vs Zombies Coming To PSN. People just canít get enough of this game and now PS3 gamers will get a try at it, too.

Breach XBLA Review. Find out how well this realistic shooter fares for the Live Arcade, courtesy of XBLA Fans.

That wraps up this edition of the Weekly Recap here at Gaming Blend. You can check out an awesome new Final Fantasy Dissidia trailer below, featuring all your favorite FF characters wrapped up in one nice, big battle.

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