First Look At The Dark Knight Rises Batmobile

By Josh Tyler 2011-07-14 02:17:53discussion comments
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While people in the UK watch the new Dark Knight Rises trailer in theaters, here in America weíre left scrambling around after rapidly vanishing bootlegs to get a glimpse of what Christopher Nolanís next movie has in store. Donít worry, itíll be in theaters here tomorrow night with Harry Potter and, the truth is that itís just a teaser and it really doesnít show much anyway.

The trailer doesnít even really show much of Batman let alone his car. Luckily, we have set photos for that. Stop reading if you donít want to know what Batman will be riding around in the next movie.

When last we left the caped crusader heíd blown up the Bat-tumbler and was left tooling around town on a Batpod motorcycle. That left many to believe heíd get some sort of jazzy, new, redesigned automobile for the third film, but it seems such speculation is wrong. Superhero Hype captured photos of Batmanís ride arriving for filming in Pittsburgh, and itís nothing new. Itís our old friend the Bat-Tumbler. Take a look below and click over to SH for more:

So whatís different? Compare this photo of the old, Batmobile before it was blown up in The Dark Knight:

Same basic shape and style, but this seems like a little bit sleeker version of that other vehicle. It could be just the lighting, but it also seems like itís a much more distinctly Batman black color than the old one, which had an almost brown, worn, metal look going for it. Still, it seems like much the same vehicle, with a few improvements. Much as I was looking forward to seeing Nolanís team come up with a new vehicle, itíll be good to have the old girl back.
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