Wonder Woman's Movie: What We Know So Far

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Every time we talk about Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel follow-up here on Cinema Blend, we refer to it by its official name, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is certainly an accurate title, as the film does promise to feature the titular heroes squaring off, but it leaves out the third big player who is getting her live-action feature debut in the project: Wonder Woman

The great Amazonian superhero will be introduced in Snyder’s movie when it reaches theaters on May 6, 2016. While it was originally unclear how screenwriters Snyder, David S. Goyer and Chris Terrio (Argo) planned to use Princess Diana of Themyscira in this film, the past year has revealed that she will play a key role in the movie, though the specifics of her involvement are still being kept secret.

We’re still waiting on a lot of answers to our most pressing queries, but for now, let’s dig into everything we know about Wonder Woman’s cinematic future, as Warner and DC Comics try to get their collective act in gear and keep pace with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Director
The Director
Helming the Amazon warrior’s solo movie is Patty Jenkins, who previously directed the 2003 movie Monster (seen above), as well as episodes of Arrested Development, Entourage and The Killing. Originally Michelle MacLaren, best known for her work on Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, was hired in November 2014 to direct Wonder Woman, but in April 2015 she left the project. Her departure was attributed to creative differences, with one report saying she wanted to make the movie a Braveheart-Style epic while Warner Bros wanted it to be more character-centric. Fortunately, the studio was able to recruit Jenkins only days later, and after dropping out of directing Thor: The Dark World for Marvel years earlier, she’s finally getting the opportunity to oversee a superhero movie.

The Story
The Story
At this point, no plot details have been officially announced. All we know for certain (thanks to leaked set photos) is at least part of Wonder Woman will take place during World War I, and Diana will be in the outside world on a journey, specifically England. Because she’s a mythical being, she’ll look exactly the same then as she will in the present day. However, several reports indicate the movie will take in two different time periods. Things will kick of during the Great War in Europe, and then jump to the present day, either shortly before or after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. There may even be third pre-20th century period in there as well. As the later sections will detail, moviegoers can also expect Greek mythology will be heavily featured in the movie, which isn’t surprising given how important it’s been in Wonder Woman’s history on the printed page and other media.
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