Miley Cyrus hasn’t gotten serious with anyone since she parted ways with longtime fiancé Liam Hemsworth, but if the rumors are to be believed, she hasn’t exactly been sitting at home twiddling her thumbs. The latest whisper cites her current bedfellow as, of all people, Jared Leto, and it might not be as crazy as it sounds.

The forty-two-year-old Dallas Buyers Club star and the twenty-one-year-old pop starlet have apparently been friendly for awhile. According to US Magazine, they spent some time together at Clive Davis’ Grammy Party back in January. A few weeks later, they reportedly had a sleepover at her place and have been getting closer and closer ever since.

Don’t expect this to evolve into a serious and/ or conventional relationship, however. Leto apparently “doesn’t do girlfriends”, and Miley has been very clear that she wants to be young and isn’t interested in jumping into a boyfriend-girlfriend situation for awhile. Besides, it’s not exactly like either of these two have the time to start having romantic dinners on a regular basis. She just began her much anticipated Bangerz Tour, and he’s wrist deep in industry events related to his Academy Award nomination.

It seems very unlikely either Leto or Cyrus will choose to speak on the record about this alleged hookup situation. They’ve both been around the celebrity block before, and neither is exactly hurting for fame. Consequently, keeping their mouths shut and going about their business quietly is without question the right call, whether they’re proud of this informal arrangement or not. If, against all odds, it actually gets serious down the road, they can take a different fork then.

We’ll keep you updated on this situation if any more details become available. Until then, just know Cyrus’ personal life is every bit as unusual as her outlandish, over the top stage performances.



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