Justin Bieber may have defended his buddies through some pretty sketchy headlines earlier this year, but apparently, there is a limit to the pop star’s willingness to forgive. Rumors are flying that the Biebs just gave Lil Za and Lil Twist the boot from his Calabasas mansion. If so, it would represent a clear alteration in his thinking patterns.

According to TMZ, the trouble began earlier this month when Bieber got home from touring and discovered some of his jewelry had been stolen. Lil Twist and Lil Za were staying at his house while he was away, and during that time, they reportedly threw a couple of parties. No one is accusing either man of pocketing the valuables, but if something was stolen under their noses while at a rager they organized, obviously that doesn’t reflect overly well on them.

For most of his time in the public eye, Bieber was considered a very wholesome, family friendly and responsible celebrity. Over the last six months or so, however, he’s turned into an unruly douche bag. No one is sure exactly what happened, but most observers point to two different theories for the downfall. Either Bieber’s break-up with longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez led him down a darker, far more annoying path, or his increasing closeness with friends Lil Twist and Lil Za pushed him toward an irresponsible perspective. More than likely, the answer is a combination of both and several more factors, but I suppose we’ll see in the next few months whether Bieber was the bad influence or his former housemates.

The Biebs briefly took to Instagram to deny any of his jewelry was stolen, but he later deleted the comment. It would be very surprising if he decided to address either that or his apparently roommate-less living situation moving forward. There just aren’t any pros to him being open about the issue. There are pros, however, to him getting his life together and once again becoming the generous and positive role model the public first fell in love with.



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