Back in December, pop star Sinead O’Connor married a seemingly nice dude named Barry Herridge. She’d been with the drug counselor for a few months, and the relationship was going so well, the pair decided to tie the knot in Vegas. Unfortunately, the bliss ended almost immediately. O’Connor decided she wanted a victory pot smoke, which led the couple to a sketchy neighborhood and a miscommunication with a drug dealer who accidentally brought crack. Some of his friends and family members already weren’t on board, and when they got wind of that fiasco, their complaints became more fervent. A separation and plans for divorce were announced just sixteen days after the wedding, but upon further review, the whole thing might work out after all.

According to People, the husband and wife have been spotted together looking very happy around town lately, and she even told her Twitter followers she was going to remain married but consider herself Herridge’s girlfriend. That relationships is a bit unusual to say the least, but it’s certainly a whole lot better than just giving up. Besides, it would have been strange if the first month after marriage had gone swimmingly. After all, most couples date for years before finally taking the plunge. It must have been an incredibly odd feeling to wake up to a husband she hadn’t even been with a year.

Pop Blend wishes Sinead and Barry nothing but the best as they work on their relationship. Clearly, there is some sort of chemistry there. Now it’s about getting past the initial like and trying to cultivate a lasting love.



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