Walmart+ Subscribers Can Now Get A Free Paramount+ Plan

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Paramount+ is one of the top places for prime streaming TV, with options ranging from thrilling original series like Yellowstone spinoff 1883 to shows that arrived on streaming after originally airing on broadcast. Now, potential users have an option to get a Paramount+ plan for free, and all it takes is a Walmart+ subscription with its own long list of perks. 

Walmart+ users (opens in new tab) who pay the subscription cost of $12.95 per month (or $98 per year with an annual plan) can also gain access to a Paramount+ Essential plan for free. The Essential option would normally cost $4.99 per month or $49.99 for an annual subscription, and delivers access to thousands of TV episodes and films, limited ads, 24/7 live news, and live football and soccer broadcasts. 

Of those TV episodes available, Paramount+ users can already revisit the earlier days of Yellowstone’s Dutton family with the first season of 1883. Plus, 1923 will soon premiere in December as yet another of the upcoming Yellowstone spinoffs. Outside of the Duttons, there are originals across genres, with the newest Star Trek series available streaming, as well as shows that migrated to Paramount+ from originally airing on CBS, including David Boreanaz’s SEAL Team and the upcoming Criminal Minds revival. And that's naming just some of what's available now and in the not-too-distant future!

So, Paramount+ is packed with entertainment options, but what about the perks of a Walmart+ subscription if you’re not already taking advantage of it? Well, while it’s not a streaming service, it can deliver serious savings for any regular Walmart shoppers. For the price of $12.95 per month or $98 per year, subscribers can get same-day delivery on tens of thousands of products. 

You’ll also get special member prices at participating gas stations all across the country. There are in-store benefits with mobile scan & go, which is designed to make the checkout process smoother. Paramount+ also isn’t the only service with a special free option for Walmart+ users, as subscribers can get six months of Spotify Premium and its wide library of music (which is a savings of $59) for free. 

There is currently no expiration date for the free Paramount+ plan (which launched back in August), but this ‘tis the season for savings with a long list of Black Friday deals. The free access to the streamer via Walmart+ does only apply for the Essential plan. The pricier Premium plan delivers many of the same perks as the Essential, with the additions of no ads except for live television and certain shows, your local CBS station live, and downloading shows to watch later. 

If you’re on the fence about whether or not it’s worth taking advantage of the free Essential plan, take a look at our breakdown of the best Paramount+ original TV shows for some television options. If you’re more of a film person, we also have a rundown of the best movies to watch on Paramount+ right now. If you already have a Walmart+ subscription (or the Paramount+ deal is enough to convince you to choose a plan), now is the time to get even more perks beyond savings at Walmart!

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The Paramount+ Essential plan, which includes ads, will be available for no extra cost to Walmart+ members.

Learn more about Walmart+ here (opens in new tab) and sign up to take advantage of the free Paramount+ Essential Plan!

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