Watch A Veteran Angrily Confront Pokemon Go Players Who Are Gaming In A Veteran's Park

Video footage has popped up online featuring a war veteran in a veteran's park, angrily lecturing young Pokemon Go players who have come to the park to catch Pokemon. Things don't go down so as well as a debate breaks out about regarding respecting the veteran's park and trying to catch Pokemon in a public place.

The video of the confrontation was uploaded by user Brxdon.

Things quickly escalate in the video, from the young kids taunting some of the veterans, to the veterans threatening violence. The police were called to the scene, but not before one of the veterans tackles and destroys the tent, saying "this is not a camp ground."

The one guy in the video with his pregnant girlfriend, Nick Hanson, explained on his Facebook page what happened from his perspective, writing...

I would not have reacted the way I did if he was rational about it and not verbally and physically attacking my [girlfriend]. Please share this so people can see how it started. Sorry for the drama but this guy was an ass. Many other vets have came down and were civil about everything.

Nick Hanson explains that from time to time people will drive by and yell obscenities at those hanging around in the park playing Pokemon Go. They don't really explain why the people get so riled up, but as demonstrated in the video above, some of the veterans feel as if catching Pokemon in the park is disrespectful to the service they gave for the country.

However, the police didn't quite see it the way of the veterans and charged him for disorderly conduct, mostly for tipping over and wrecking the tent that was being used by Hanson's pregnant girlfriend while they were in the park.

In fact, another friend of Nick Hanson captured an earlier video, right as the chaos ensued. The video captures the guys in question walking over to the tent and pushing git over, his pregnant girlfriend still underneath it. This surely seems a bit dangerous, especially considering how far along she is. Check it out.

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Despite the chaos taking place on the green, that didn't stop a lot of young people from heading to the park to catch the pocket monsters in Pokemon Go. According to the young kid who recorded and uploaded the video to YouTube, the park is a popular hangout for Niantic Labs' app, drawing a lot of people to the place to catch Pokemon... it's also one of the few places in the area with a Pokestop at that location. He explained that people use "lures" there a lot to draw in as many Pokemon as they can.

This particular incident caused the city council to step in after complaints were made by both parties, resulting in them deciding on whether or not people should be allowed in the park to play Pokemon Go or not.

A similar incident occurred where people were attempting to catch Pokemon in the Holocaust museum. The museum director did not appreciate people catching Pokemon there, finding it disrespectful to the millions who lost their lives during the Holocaust.

According to some reports, Niantic Labs is looking into ways to allow institutions and commercial outlets to opt out of having their locations appear in Pokemon Go. I'm not entirely sure how they would remove public parks from the app, though.

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