There aren't many games out there these days that reward players for exploration...for just taking time out to venture around and diddle-daddle in a virtual world. Few games in the history of video games have really excelled in the exploration territory, and Cube World makes it a core goal to get gamers to explore and have fun while doing so. And while many gamers might say it's similar in visual style to Ace of Spades or Minecraft, it's quite obvious that the gameplay goals are very, very different.

The trailer above kind of takes me back to games like Mario 64 and Quest 64, where it felt like a lot of the fun was just trying to get a handle on the game world and mechanics without any overbearing hand-holding or tutorials forcing you through. I really do miss games like this. I suppose one could make an argument that Bethesda still aims for that kind of gameplay

The other thing that really has me excited about this indie project is the fact that it's designed as if it was made as a labor of love. The colors, the aesthetic, the combat, the crafting, all of it feels authentic and engaging as if the actual goal is to have fun. Gosh, it's so sad that so many big budget games these days completely miss out on that point...the point of having legitimate, unadulterated fun.

I can't wait to see more of this game and it's such a shame we hadn't come across it sooner here at Gaming Blend, but it's better late than never.

The game will not be free-to-play (thankfully), and it will release when it's finished. You can learn more about Cube World by paying a visit to the official blog. I really hope this game does get released and doesn't become vaporware.

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