The Dead or Alive series has become known for two things over the years: hardcore fighting action and *ahem* the buxom ladies that populate its roster. The women of DOA even have their own beach volleyball spinoff series and, if you pre-order the upcoming Dead or Alive 5, their swimsuits will be available as alternate costumes.

Tecmo Koei America has announced details for both preorder and the Collector’s Edition of the popular fighter’s fifth iteration, which is set to release on Sept. 25.

“We wanted to create a truly compelling package of rewards to make our ‘DOA Day’ launch a day to celebrate for the fans that have made Dead or Alive synonymous with intense hand-to-hand fighting combat,” said Amos Ip, SVP and General Manager of Tecmo Koei America. “Whether it’s a stunning set of female fighter swimsuits for preorders or an entire luxurious package complete in an embossed metal case for the Collector’s Edition, players will get something that enriches their gaming experience.”

So there you have it folks. Swimsuits in a fighting game are both “compelling” and “enriching.”

Preordering Dead or Alive 5 at GameStop or Amazon will net you an exclusive set of swimsuits for three female characters. The GameStop preorder will net you the “Angels” set of white swimsuits for fighters Kasumi, Leifang and Hitomi. An Amazon preorder will earn you the “Devils” black swimsuits for Christie, Tina and Ayane.

In order to get all of the swimsuits and some additional goodies, you’ll need to pick up the Collector’s Edition, available exclusively at GameStop. Along with all of the swimsuits, this set will get you a steel case for the game, a hardcover art book, the game’s soundtrack and a poster featuring the entire cast of fighters. The Collector‘s Edition will set you back $79.99.
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