Baywatch’s Donna D’Errico Just Threw Back To The Star-Spangled Bikini That Trolls Claimed She Was ‘Too Old’ For

Baywatch star Donna D’Errico is no stranger to the swimsuit. Outside of rocking Baywatch’s iconic one piece, she frequently throws on bikinis and other swimwear on her social media. A few months back, D’Errico made headlines after throwing on a star spangled bikini for the Fourth of July. Surprisingly, some people weren’t too happy about the 54-year-old actress throwing on a couple of small pieces of fabric. She defended herself at the time, and months later she’s sharing the same look, noting it was the bikini that “started it all.”

So, what does D’Errico mean by “started it all?” Well, she’s actually one of several former Baywatch stars to grow a social media following and then parlay that following into a career on OnlyFans. It seems it was the bikini incident that set the actress on the path – she’s even calling it her “trigger bikini.” You can see her full post, below. 

Though her haters called her “too old” to be wearing such an outfit, she’s been unafraid to face the trolling head on. She's also not the only Hollywood figure to deal with ageism. Paulina Porizkova similarly got shamed for wearing a bikini in her fifties, and wrote last year about the ageism she experienced for wearing swimwear. The model noted in a similar Instagram post:  

A woman of 57 is ‘too old’ to pose in a bikini - no matter what she looks like. Because ‘Old’ is ‘Ugly.’ I get comments like these every time I post a photo of my body. This is the ageist shaming that sets my teeth on edge.

Trolling is by no means only happening with bikini posts famous women are sharing. A slew of celebrities have touched on having to deal with trolls in the past, including Florence Pugh, who famously clapped back at trolls after she "freed the nipple" in a sheer Valentino dress. Fellow Baywatch alum Denise Richards got trolled after she and her husband were shot at during a scary road rage incident in recent weeks. This stuff can be scary, and plenty of celebrities have even taken a break from or exited social media over incidents such as these. 

The good news for Donna D’Ericco is that she has had fan support in the time since she initially dealt with a little online trolling. She noted at the time she’s not “near perfect” but felt “pretty damn good” about herself, her fitness and her body, no matter her age. And the Baywatch star has continued to wear whatever pleases her on social media, even going full Fifty Shades of Grey in a recent post.

And, as she noted on the post, the trolling she dealt with actually led her to have more control over her career and set her on a new direction, a sentiment that fellow Baywatch alum and OF content creator Carmen Electra has also touched on. So, in this case, getting trolled actually seems to have had a positive outcome for D'Errico, which is one of the reasons she seemingly decided to throw back to her original bikini post. 

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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