Here's What Quake Looks Like Imported Into Doom 3's Engine

A new trailer was released showcasing what the original 1996 release of Quake from id Software would look like running on the id Tech 4 engine that powers Doom 3. While the whole thing looks cleaner and schmexier, there's still the fact that it's the original Quake just running in a much bigger and better engine.

Those lovable rascals at DSO Gaming managed to spot the video on YouTube from user thone2008, in which the video is actually comprised of a much more complicated series of technical feats than what you might originally imagine.

For those of you who used to make maps back in the day, remember how you had to create dynamic shadows out of darkend textures? Well, now you get to see how real-time lighting mechanics are supposed to look in Quake.

This thone fellow is actually quite adept when it comes to this stuff. While it just looks like a remap or mod of Doom 3 using Quake assets, the map was actually converted over using Quake Mod for the map conversion while applying Darkplace's HD texture pack for higher resolution texture maps. Impressive right? Yeah, you know it is.

The real kicker is that thone ramps up his radicalness with some righteous conversions of other maps and games into the id Tech 4. Some of his conversions include remapping Wolfenstein 3D into Doom 3, as well as various other mods and fun things. His channel is definitely worth a looksy if you're into nostalgia being reinvented with new-school technology. Feel free to see more over at YouTube.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.