League Of Legends' Poppy Rework Is Now Live

Riot Games has released a dramatic makeover for long-time League of Legends champion Poppy. The changed character now has a very different appearance and set of abilities.

In today's announcement, Riot said that the Poppy rework is one of the biggest champion updates since Sion. While she's still a heavily armored runt, she now looks a lot more heroic and has a much bigger hammer. Her abilities, meanwhile, have been redesigned to emphasize this hammer's power. She uses this legendary weapon and her surprising strength to be a disruptive force for her team. Here's her full set of new abilities:

PASSIVE: Iron Ambassador - Every several seconds, Poppy throws her buckler as her basic attack, gaining range and bonus magic damage. Once thrown, Poppy can pick up her buckler to gain a shield, but if an enemy walks over her buckler, they’ll temporarily destroy it. If Iron Ambassador kills the target, the buckler returns to Poppy instead of falling to the ground.

Q: Hammer Shock - Poppy smashes the ground, dealing damage and slowing enemies in a small area. After a moment, the crushed ground erupts, dealing the same amount of damage again.

W: Steadfast Presence - Passive: Poppy gains bonus Armor and Magic Resist. This bonus is doubled if Poppy is below 40% health. Active: Poppy gains Movement Speed. While Steadfast Presence is active, she creates a magic barrier around her, stopping enemy dashes and dealing magic damage to enemies.

E: Heroic Charge - Poppy tackles an enemy, dealing physical damage and carrying them forward. Poppy deals additional physical damage and stuns the enemy if they collide with terrain.

R: Keeper's Verdict - Poppy charges up her hammer for a mighty blow, slowing herself as she winds up. With the second cast, Poppy unleashes a massive hammer smash, creating a fissure that deals damage and knocks back all enemy champions in a tiny area an enormous distance towards their base. The fissure length and knockback increase with channel duration.

The old version of Poppy's ultimate, Diplomatic Immunity, let her avoid all damage from anyone other than her target. This made her ideal for ambushing an enemy damage-dealer and taking them out. As Riot explained in a recent preview, though, this made her seem more like an assassin and less like a heroic protector. Her new ultimate, Keeper's Verdict, more closely matches who she is as a character. While she's small, she can still knock overconfident enemies on their asses and help her team win large battles.

Because Poppy is such an old character, she's also one of the cheapest. You can add her to your collection for 450 IP or 260 RP. Riot is also selling a Hammer Time Bundle until December 14th for 3899 RP with the character and these following skins:

  • Lollipoppy (Legacy)
  • Ragdoll Poppy (Legacy)
  • Blacksmith Poppy (Legacy)
  • Noxus Poppy (Legacy)
  • Battle Regalia Poppy
  • Scarlet Hammer Poppy

Furthermore, Riot is selling the Lollipoppy, Ragdoll, Blacksmith, and Noxus skins separately through the in-game store until January 11th. After that date, they'll return to the vault.

Poppy is one of several champions that were revised in LoL this year. Several marksmen and juggernauts were overhauled. Miss Fortune and Gangplank saw their abilities and appearances changed in a pirate-themed update. Classic characters Ryze and Ashe both had their kits substantially reworked.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.