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Metal Gear Solid 5 PC Receives First-Person Mod

The modding community has gone full-in on Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes for PC. After the game recently made an appearance on the Steam store this past December, modders hopped in to create all sorts of nifty new items and modifications for the game, including a first-person mod.

NeoGaf picked up the news from over on the Nexusmods website, where creator ZioPao announced to the community that the first-person mod is freely available for owners of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

The mod makes the view very similar to how Arma games are played when you go first person. The view looks pretty intense and the details pop out thanks to the high-definition assets. On Neogaf there's a video description that highlights how the mod changes the way Metal Gear Solid V is played, stating...

“There are some little things wrong, such as, well you know when Snake's standing still, you turn around, he kinda goes a small semi circle rather than just clipping round? You can feel that; the camera moves as he would, but because of this, it's nice that you can do the Arma esque thing and run one direction while looking another, like neck movement. Not being able to see what's round corners makes things much more tense, and you've gotta be really careful and try and get a good view on things beforehand. You've got to rely on your senses a lot more, and it's obvious I wasn't [For example not hearing a truck coming at one point.]”

You're probably curious to see how this whole thing plays out in real-time. Well, you're luck because there is a YouTube video showcasing the mod in action. You can check it out courtesy of Ben Blatcher.

I'm completely amazed at how fast the game moves in first-person. Snake is almost as quick and speedy as the Doom guy.

The video does a fine job of avoiding any spoilers while also showing the highlights and drawbacks of the mod... and yes, there are drawbacks. As pointed out on the Nexusmod page...

“snake's body became semi-invisible when you're crawling (same behaviour as before)... when you aren't aiming you can't see your body (still don't know how to fix it, any help would be appreciated)”

There was a brief segment when the guy pulled up in the truck where the camera almost briefly saw an inverted face of Snake pop out. And yeah, all while running and crawling around, you don't see Snake's body.

There are still some kinks that need to worked out for before this mod becomes as solid as Arma's first-person mode, but there's a lot of potential.

You have to jump through some minor hoops to get the mod working just until mod GUI is made for Ground Zeroes, but you can download the mod, for free, right now from over on the Nexusmods page.

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