FBI: Most Wanted Is Already Losing Another Star, But Fans Still Have 'Security' For Season 4

Miguel Gomez as Ivan Ortiz on FBI: Most Wanted
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FBI: Most Wanted has seen a lot of stars come and go over the past couple of years, with two departing in Season 3 alone. Kellan Lutz left as Kenny Crosby back in the fall, while Julian McMahon heartbreakingly departed when Jess LaCroix was killed off back in the early spring. Now, the show is sadly losing another star with Miguel Gomez exiting, but fans still have plenty of reasons to feel secure for Season 4 based on some comments from Dylan McDermott. 

Miguel Gomez, who has played Special Agent Ivan Ortiz since part way through Season 2, is leaving FBI: Most Wanted because of what Deadline reports is a creative decision. Ortiz was very much part of the team in Season 3, and one of the anchors after the death of Jess and temporary departure of Barnes before Dylan McDermott’s Remy really settled in. 

That said, Ortiz was absent for the Season 3 finale back in May, with the excuse given in the show as him needing to be in Los Angeles to help his unwell father. The finale case could have used all hands on deck, and Dylan McDermott shared with CinemaBlend that Ortiz’s absence meant that it was “a thin team” trying to save the lives of not only their families, but plenty of civilians in New York as well. He bonded with Hana after she returned from her absence, and their friendship will be a sad loss for the series as well as what he brought to the show as a character. 

Of course, Most Wanted is largely a procedural show that has survived the departures and replacements for a number of characters, with Alexa Davalos joining early in Season 3 to replace Crosby and McDermott coming on board in the latter half after a few episodes of aftermath for Jess’ death. The rest of the cast will reportedly remain unchanged, with the returns of McDermott, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Davalos, and Roxy Sternberg.

Dylan McDermott as Remy Scott on FBI: Most Wanted

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Why Fans Still Have ‘Security’ For Season 4

Roxy Sternberg, who plays Barnes, was absent from the last several episodes of the third season (which you can rewatch with a Paramount+ subscription) due to her maternity leave, but if Dylan McDermott’s ideas for how Remy and Barnes will interact come to fruition, fans could have a lot to look forward to with their dynamic. In fact, in speaking with CinemaBlend for the Season 3 finale in May, McDermott spoke about the two-season renewal that still leaves fans with something to celebrate. McDermott shared his reaction to the double renewal, as the actor representing what was then the latest cast change: 

It was just like, 'Wow!' It blew my mind. David Hudgins, the showrunner, called me and I just couldn't believe it. A pickup was definitely in my mind, but a two-year pick up? I wasn't even sure that even happened anymore in this world, in this marketplace, so I was just thrilled. Also because the crew and the cast – it gives people some kind of security, and it's so hard to have security in show business. When it happens, it's just the greatest thing. We all gathered round. David was there, and we all celebrated. It was really a great day.

While there are changes on the way with the looming departure of Ortiz, fans do have the security that two more seasons of FBI: Most Wanted are guaranteed. With the other series regulars slated to return, hopefully the beginning of Season 4 will feel like the show getting back to business as usual as much as possible. Whether or not Ortiz will appear as a guest star to be written out or simply have his absence explained by the other agents remains to be seen. Personally, I hope to see Miguel Gomez again on Most Wanted, as Ortiz was a valuable part the team. 

The fourth season of FBI: Most Wanted will premiere on CBS in the fall, returning to its time slot on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. to close out a night of FBI action. Both FBI and FBI: International also received renewals for another two seasons, so that solid block of crime drama action will keep on going for the next couple of years. For some viewing options during the summer hiatus, be sure to check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule.

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