Outer Banks Star Austin North Reflects On Topper’s Changing Relationship With The Pogues

Spoilers for Season 3 of Outer Banks ahead! Read with caution, and be sure to check out the latest season of OBX with a Netflix subscription.

In the Outer Banks, there are the Kooks and the Pogues, sworn enemies that feel like they're inspired by the Capulets and the Montagues. However, on Outer Banks, there is one Kook, named Topper, who seems to have a soft spot for one of the characters who turns into a Pogue, and because of that, his character is always switching sides. So, when I sat down with the cast of OBX I asked Austin North about Topper’s ever-evolving relationship with John B. and co., and why he’s constantly switching sides. 

While talking about Season 3 of Outer Banks Austin North and discussed Topper, and his allegiances. As a Kook, he’s one of the Pogues' biggest foes. However, his character has been in love with Sarah Cameron since day one, and because of that, his loyalties tend to shift depending on what Madelyn Cline’s character is up to. The actor broke down this changing relationship, especially in terms of how Topper feels during the third season, saying:

I think it's out of love for Sarah, I think he wants the best for her and wants her to be happy. And I think we're beyond the high school drama with John B. Like stakes are high people's lives are at risk. and there's just another level of maturity in Season 3 for him.

The maturity level is for sure different this season. In the first installment of Outer Banks, we saw Topper instigate fights with the Pogues, cause one of John B.’s most serious near-death moments, and start a few literal and figurative fires. However, he always has moments of sympathy where he’ll help them out because of Sarah -- like when he pretends to be John B. in Season 1 so the lead Pogue and Sarah can escape -- and in Season 3 he has quite a few of those moments too. 

It becomes clear early on that the action and stakes are way higher in OBX’s third season in comparison to the first two. This means there are more characters in on the Pogues' shenanigans and adventures, and that includes Topper, who helps the crew out. After rekindling his relationship with Sarah, and seeing potential sparks between the two, as Madelyn Cline told ExtraTV, North’s character is a lot more willing to help the group out and provides a major assist in their train heist, however, that eventually changes. 

As mentioned earlier, Topper’s relationship with the Pogues is constantly changing, and while he helps them out quite a bit in Season 3, he also turns against them by burning down John B.’s house after finding out Sarah had gone back to Chase Stokes' character. So, while North is right, the Kook is a bit more “mature” than in seasons before, ultimately Topper goes back to his old ways, and really can’t stand this band of treasure hunters, especially their leader. 

While Season 3 of Outer Banks has its moment on the 2023 TV schedule, and with Season 4 on the way, I’m curious to see how Topper’s relationship with the Pogues will evolve, and if he’ll either help or harm them in the next installment. If we’ve learned anything, this guy’s relationship with the crew changes all the time, however, Season 3 proved that Topper has definitely evolved, however, deep down it seems like he’s still the same Kook we met in Season 1.

Riley Utley
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