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How Jennifer Lopez Is Allegedly Getting Along With Jennifer Garner Amid Romance With Ben Affleck

Bennifer has made a return, and it’s great to see the movie stars back together after all these years. Talk about a Hollywood love story! But this time, things are likely a bit more complicated considering both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are each parents with their respective famous exes. But according to recent reports, all is well between J-Lo and Affleck’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner. 

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner split back in 2017, but continue to amicably co-parent their three kids Violet, 16, Seraphina, 12, and Samuel, 9. Hollywood Life has allegedly spoken to multiple “sources close to the stars” and J-Lo has apparently not torn any holes in his relationship with Garner. In fact, the site shared that the two famous Jennifers have even “become close” as of late. 

Per the sources, the two have gotten to know each other since the former Batman actor started getting reacquainted with J-Lo, and there’s “zero drama” going on. Apparently, it’s really important to the "Jenny from the Block" singer that her boyfriend's ex is feeling comfortable since she is a mother herself who similarly juggles co-parenting with her ex and having romantic relationships. The singer has twins, 13-year-old Max Emme, with her ex, Marc Anthony. 

Previously, we heard that Garner gave her “seal of approval” regarding J-Lo. Allegedly, both Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez are now also on the same page about doing ”what’s best for the kids” and things are working out as Bennifer gets more serious. I’ll note that we don't know if these sources are totally credible since they remain anonymous but, if they are, this is great news for the future of the two reunited over. Could an engagement be afoot next

Per the sources, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez “believe they are soulmates” and there’s already talk of picking up where they left off and planning to tie the knot. Early last year, following news of Lopez and Alex Rodriguez splitting up, Bennifer rekindled their love, and it has continued to go strong. It was a highlight of J-Lo’s year, and it’s great to see it progressing into 2022. 

The two A-listers met back at the top of 2002 on the set of Gigli and soon became a beloved Hollywood pair. Unfortunately, it happened smack dab in the middle of tabloid culture’s height and their relationship was often the center of magazine conversation. They got engaged in late 2002 and stayed together until late 2004, when they broke off their engagement. 

After the breakup, Ben Affleck went on to meet Jennifer Garner, and Jennifer Lopez met Marc Anthony, and the rest is history. We’ll have to wait and see what lies ahead for Bennifer. But in the meantime, you can look forward to seeing J-Lo in rom-com Marry Me with Owen Wilson on February 11 alongside other upcoming 2022 movies

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